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A Houston-based hedge fund needed 100 percent uptime and real-time access for employees to mission critical applications and data to give them a competitive advantage over other investment firms. To achieve that goal, CITOC was brought in at the ground floor of the creation of the company. CITOC installed a server infrastructure in the office, as well as at a secure, offsite location. Real-time data and application access was setup to allow an automatic failover without any downtime. With CITOC’s solution in place, the company gained a competitive advantage that helped them become one of the fastest growing investment firms in the U.S.

“Without the help from CITOC and the technology that they implemented,” said a representative of the investment firm, “we could not have obtained the current investors.”

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Houston Computer Consultants Share 5 Tips to Help You Ensure a Smooth Upgrade from Windows XP

HoustonIf you haven’t done it already, then upgrading from Windows XP should be on the top of your to-do list. Microsoft will end support for Windows XP on April 8th, 2014, which means the operating system will be vulnerable to security threats. Here’s 5 tips to help you ensure a smooth upgrade from Windows XP:

1.     Stop Delaying the Upgrade

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably delayed the upgrade from Windows XP, however, it’s extremely important to begin the upgrade process as soon as possible. Once Microsoft stops providing security patches and updates, the operating system will become a huge security risk for your business. Are you delaying the upgrade because you prefer the familiarity of Windows XP’s interface? If so, Windows 7 is fairly similar to Windows XP.

2.     Backup Your Data

Before upgrading, make sure your data is backed up and recoverable, in order to safeguard your business-critical data. If something goes wrong during the upgrade process, it’s critical to have your data backed up to avoid data loss.

3.     Consider Software/Hardware Compatibility

Make sure your current software and hardware is compatible with the new operating system. Before upgrading, perform a software and hardware audit to determine which applications are compatible and which applications will need to be upgraded as well.

4.     Keep Software License Keys

When you’re upgrading to a new operating system, make sure you’ve written down all of your software license keys. Once you’re finished the upgrade, the new operating system will require license keys to install the software.

5.     Choose an Operating System

Consider your unique needs and requirements, then choose an operating system that suits your business. Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 are all great choices for any business, however, you should research each one and decide which one is suitable for your business. Also, consider your software and hardware while researching new operating systems to ensure compatibility.

For more tips to help you ensure a smooth upgrade from Windows XP, give your Houston Computer Consultants call at 713.490.5000 or send us an email at CITOC can help you upgrade to a secure operating system.