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A Houston-based hedge fund needed 100 percent uptime and real-time access for employees to mission critical applications and data to give them a competitive advantage over other investment firms. To achieve that goal, CITOC was brought in at the ground floor of the creation of the company. CITOC installed a server infrastructure in the office, as well as at a secure, offsite location. Real-time data and application access was setup to allow an automatic failover without any downtime. With CITOC’s solution in place, the company gained a competitive advantage that helped them become one of the fastest growing investment firms in the U.S.

“Without the help from CITOC and the technology that they implemented,” said a representative of the investment firm, “we could not have obtained the current investors.”

Houston Hedge Fund
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Since 1995, CITOC has helped businesses in Houston increase their operational efficiencies, boost employee productivity, and drive down the cost of maintaining their IT systems.
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CITOC´s Hands-On Lab brings the power of Microsoft Office 365 to your office. Your team can experience Office 365 for free, do so on our equipment, and with no disruption to your business. Microsoft Office 365 Lets Your Staff:

  • Collaborate in real time with team members regardless of their location
  • Use Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office applications without additional licensing
  • Coordinate Calendar and Email Connections
  • Reliably Access Software 24/7
  • Share and Protect Your Documents
  • Communicate with anyone, anywhere at anytime using online video conferencing and Instant Messaging

This no-obligation hands-on experience is available to qualified businesses in Houston.

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