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The Situation: A Large Architecture and Engineering Firm Struggles with Server Issues

When a large architectural and engineering firm with an incredibly complex infrastructure was struggling with server issues, such as data loss, slow workstation performance, and other challenges, they started searching for an outsourced team of experts to help their internal IT department handle their information technology needs.

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CITOC expressed, “They have over 450 employees and a dozen locations, as well as an internal IT department complete with a help desk, system administrators, and an IT director; but they had no idea what was happening with their servers.”

The Solution:  An Outsourced Team of Experts That Strategically Maintains Their Complex Infrastructure for Greater Performance

After speaking with CITOC about the cost and benefits of managed IT services, the architecture & engineering firm decided to bring them onboard. CITOC started to make sense of their complex infrastructure:

  • Installing remote monitoring agents on 4 exchange servers
  • Gaining insight into challenges associated with the complex network
  • Responding quickly to alerts of major issues
  • Taking the time to identify the root cause of all issues that occurred
  • Implementing the right solutions instead of Band-Aid fixes to resolve issues

CITOC went into detail, “There were about 8 critical issues that could’ve caused the network to crash. They just weren’t strategically maintaining their network. You can have all the generators, backups, and other important infrastructure parts but if something’s wrong with the software side of things, it’s not going to work properly.”

As a leading IT services company, CITOC knows it’s all about making sure everything works together seamlessly – it’s not the complexity of the infrastructure that matters, it’s the effectiveness, and that comes from proper proactive monitoring, maintenance, and support.

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