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Auction Company Boosts Profit

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The Situation: Auction Company Has Glitches During Online Bidding and Paying Hugely for Support

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With auctions only one day per month, they struggled with glitches during online bidding.  This hurt business and had to pay for this downtime. CITOC stepped in to help them leverage technology while cutting costs and boosting profitability.

They had an IT guy who would come in every Saturday because all their local and Internet business was on that one day. Many times there were glitches on the Internet with untold amounts of money lost and they didn’t want that.” CITOC noted.

The Solution:  Two Internet Connections with Load Balancing to Boost Speed While Making Auctions Run Smoother

They would have their IT guy come in every Saturday – paying him time and a half to record the auctions on cassette tapes! They were spending a lot of money for him to come in and record the auctions, so we recommended putting in a redundant Internet connection and load-balance to get the speed of both.”

This was cheaper than just one of his hours at Saturday rates.  And they got twice the speed 99% of the time as well as:

  • Achieve a greater return on their investment because when the Internet works properly for online bidders, the auction company is able to make more sales.
  • Improve customer experience during auctions as the auction runs very smoothly with minimal disruption resulting from technology issues and/or slow Internet speed.
  • Reduce operational costs significantly as paying for an additional Internet connection and firewall is significantly less expensive than paying an IT guy time and a half once a month.

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