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Did the latest AWS outage affect your business?

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Don’t put up with unplanned outages and unnecessary downtime when your profitability is on the line – find a better option today.

Last week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced a major outage across its eastern U.S. region, causing serious service interruption and downtime for thousands of businesses.

Were you one of them?

Trello, Scribd, IFTTT and even Dominos were hit by the outage that caused, according to Amazon’s service site, “increased error rates.” That’s a nice way of saying countless businesses were kept from serving their customers for hours.

When you depend on a vendor like AWS to keep your website and apps running, you need to know they’re reliable. When significant disruption occurs, it’s an opportunity to make a change to something better.

That’s exactly what Dominos is doing, and you can too.

CITOC can confidently recommend Microsoft Azure as a reliable alternative to AWS. As Microsoft’s enterprise-grade cloud computing platform, you can trust Azure to offer your business the best of this new technology. With CITOC facilitating your Microsoft Azure experience, you can cut costs by hosting off-site, and benefit from an entirely scalable user experience that fits your business’ needs.

So the question is, will you learn from this outage? Or just hope that it doesn’t happen again?

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