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The Trusted Name for Business IT Services in the Houston, TX, Area – CITOC

Business IT Services Houston TXThere’s only one company you need if you’re looking for business IT services in the Houston, Texas, area, and that’s CITOC. We serve small, large, and mid-size businesses in industries such as real estate, oil and gas, healthcare, legal, and manufacturing, and we can help your company with everything from your long-term IT strategy down to fixing printer issues. You’ll enjoy phenomenal customer service and easy communication with us as well, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau to prove it.

You should hire CITOC for business IT services if your Houston, TX, area company has experienced any of the following:

  • Data loss
  • A security breach
  • A power outage
  • Poor service from another IT service provider
  • Lackluster performance from your current IT systems
  • A recent company move or company expansion
  • The loss of your current IT service provider

The managed IT services from CITOC will help keep your company’s IT systems performing at their best. With our part-time CIO service, one of our employees will visit your jobsite quarterly to gather relevant information about your business goals and then create your IT strategy and budget. We’ll also keep a 24/7/365 watch on your IT systems and optimize your hardware and software with our proactive engineering services. And should any issues occur with your machines during the day, our Help Desk support team will be able to access your computers remotely to quickly fix the issue.

Why Are Businesses Choosing Managed IT Services?

As the need for reliable business IT services grows, more and more small to medium-sized businesses are recognizing the need to have knowledgeable and reliable professionals working on their behalf. This means that they are moving away from the idea that their IT needs can be met through an in-house employee. Here are some of the other prominent reasons why this choice is being made:

Managed IT Services Are More Reliable

When growing companies hire a single, in-house IT professional, it usually doesn’t take long for that person to become overburdened by the company’s needs. This can lead to cutting corners and greatly diminishes the ability of the IT professional to take a proactive approach. Additionally, an in-house IT manager may be a specialist in one area but not others. Comparatively, a managed IT service provider will have a staff of experts with a knowledge base that covers the entire field.

Improved Security

As the number of different technologies that businesses utilize continues to grow, so do data breach threats. A business IT services provider is uniquely positioned to provide 24-hour coverage to ensure that your data is protected.

Cost Savings

A managed IT services provider can help a company predict IT expenses better and budget for larger IT projects down the road. Additionally, it can help your company avoid the temptation of holding onto outdated hardware or software, which can impact your return on investment.


With a managed service provider handling your day-to-day IT needs, your internal staff will be freed up to focus on other projects that could benefit company productivity.

If you would like a price quote for our IT business services for your company in the Houston, TX, area, contact CITOC today. We provide flat rates based on the number of employees you have.

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