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Business & Technology Alignment Houston

What’s your relationship with IT like? Do you love your technology and know you can rely on it to keep your staff at their best and let you focus on getting work done? Or it is the biggest pain in your business, getting in the way and wasting the money you put into it?

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Optimize the Business & Technology Alignment for Your Company in the Houston, TX, Area

Business & Technology Alignment Houston

If you want your company’s information technology to help you increase productivity and achieve your overall goals, it’s crucial that you look at it as a valuable tool and not a costly necessity. Good business and technology alignment means using IT to achieve objectives such as streamlining your operation or growing your market share. Unfortunately, many businesses only invest in IT infrastructure when it is absolutely necessary to keep things running smoothly.

If your company is based in the Houston area, CITOC can provide managed IT solutions that will help unlock the potential of your business. We can provide a three-tier solution for all of your IT needs that includes: CIO services to help your company plan and budget effectively; proactive engineering to ensure your systems are properly configured and running smoothly; and Help Desk services for those times when immediate support is needed.

Issues that May Hinder Technology Alignment

There are several factors that interfere with ideal business and technology alignment. They include:

  • Budgeting – Companies often budget only the bare minimum for IT and frequently let equipment and systems become outdated.
  • Poor planning – When technology needs aren’t included in the discussion about your company’s strategic direction, your IT professionals are going to struggle to keep up with company growth.
  • Technology evolution – New advances can quickly render your IT systems obsolete, so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when possible.
  • Education – Why invest in your company’s IT systems if your employees don’t know how to use them effectively?

With CITOC providing managed IT services for your company, you’ll enjoy optimal business and technology alignment and use the right IT at the right price, for the right reasons. We will:

  • Create a three-year business plan for adoption and deployment of cost-effective technology solutions that improve your staff’s ability to do their jobs.
  • Meet with and learn from your staff to understand how they use IT every day so we can help improve and streamline processes.
  • Review existing technology and planning to replace or remove inefficient or unneeded systems.
  • Use IT tools to collect and analyze business data so we can better understand the state of your business and your existing trends in finances, efficiency, human resources, and other areas.
  • Provide regular reviews of your IT strategy to discover new solutions to improve productivity and streamline operations.

Improve Profitability with Technology

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