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Cisco Certified Company CITOC a Trusted IT Services Leader in Houston

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As an IT partner that’s trusted by a wide variety of SMBs and large corporate entities in the Houston area, CITOC brings a wealth of IT services to bear that cover all aspects of computer networking, security, and management. As a Cisco certified company, CITOC is able to manifest IT solutions that include smart technology integration and enormous, collective know-how. Whatever our clients’ particular needs happen to be, we’re there with focused strategies that aid business and technology alignment, and include:

  • Network vulnerability and risk assessments
  • Email and network security assurance
  • Data recovery and business continuity planning
  • State-of-the-art cloud services solutions
  • Innovative IT management tactics
  • Special industry assistance with regulatory compliance
  • Help Desk services for optimum support

A Distinguished Cisco Partner in Houston

Being a Cisco certified partner makes what would be a more run-of-the-mill IT company into a high-performance network-optimizing outfit that can be more responsive and results-oriented. As a trusted outsourced IT company, we become a vCIO, though we like to think of ourselves as a straight CIO, because we don’t “virtually” take your computer networking well-being into account – it’s optimization means our job is well done. Anything less would be substandard as a Cisco partner in Houston. As your Cisco-certified company and outsourced CIO, then, we play no less a role than your computer networking guru, business partner, and end-goal champion.

A Houston Cisco-Certified Company with More

We’re among the best Cisco certified companies for you if you want more of everything – except expenses, hassles, or worries. We’re proud to be able to bring so many winning solutions and strategies to the IT table for Houston companies, allowing our collective expertise to mingle with our clients’. Every minute we’re on the job means more streamlining, more data protection tools and tactics, and more (and better) assimilation of IT trends, technology, and innovation. Cisco certified partners should do no less as an IT planning maven.

CITOC is recognized as a national Cisco select certified partner and has been proudly serving Houston businesses since 1995. Call us today at 713.490.5000 for more information on how you can reap the benefits of having Cisco certified partner in your corner.

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