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CITOC Phase 1 Re-Entry Guidelines

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CITOC Phase 1 Re-Entry Guidelines

CITOC has been in Phase 1 of Re-Entry in our offices for three weeks with great diligence. With a surge of positive cases of COVID-19 we will remain in Phase 1 and continue to deliver services prudently to protect our team members and clients. Below are CITOC procedures and guidelines regarding CITOC’s offices and visits to client sites.  If you have any specific procedures and policies, please notify us so we can communicate to our team.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.


At this time, we have split the CITOC staff into an in-office rotation.   Each team will only be in office with a few others in order to limit possible exposure.  Team members are in the office one or two days weekly while working remotely the remainder of each week.  In addition to a clean desk policy CITOC team members do the following upon entry and exit of our offices each day:

  • Take temperature upon entry – Employee with an elevated temperature will not be allowed in
  • Disinfected workstation upon arrival
  • Use hand sanitizer when going to and from common areas
  • Disinfect workstation upon departure
  • Common area disinfecting rotation

When a CITOC resource visits a client site the following procedures are to be followed:

  • Face mask – For the protection of CITOC staff and your staff, all CITOC employees are required to wear a mask while onsite.
  • Hand sanitizer – All CITOC employees will carry and frequently use.
  • Physical Distancing – Whenever possible we will work remotely or after hours to minimize exposure.

The following are the site visit guidelines in order to protect team members and clients.

Reactive Operations (Helpdesk):

  • Any requested or required onsite visits will be vetted by Service Manager
  • We will attempt to resolve all issues remotely before dispatching to client sites
  • Engineers will only remain onsite long enough to resolve the issue at hand
  • **We appreciate the extra effort being our eyes and hands while trying to resolve all issues remotely.

Proactive Operations:

  • Your scheduled onsite visits will continue in a remote fashion with the exclusion of:
    • Alignment checks and remediation tickets which require an onsite presence
    • Hardware checks or any hardware/software installation
    • Issues requested by client points of contact which requires an onsite visits
  • Engineers will communicate with you to determine if and when they will attend your site.
  • Engineers will continue communication and POC interviews remotely

Professional Services (Projects)

  • Professional Services engineers are allowed to attend client sites for required tasks such as delivering and installing hardware
  • Professional Services engineers will complete work remotely as much as possible

Virtual Chief Information Office (Strategy and Budget)

  • vCIO and IT Strategy meetings with be held remotely via Microsoft Teams whenever possible.

Onsite Visit Supply Checklist:

  • All CITOC resources will carry the following items at all client and vendor locations.
    • Face mask – For the protection of CITOC staff and clients, all employees are required to wear a mask while attending client sites.
    • Hand sanitizer – use frequently


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