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Is Your Houston CPA Firm Leveraging The Cloud?

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 Your Competitors Are Embracing Cloud Computing


Your Firm Can Be Left Behind If You Don’t.

Houston CPA Cloud ComputingCloud Computing has had a huge impact on how accounting firms do business today. Technology solutions improve business functions, and cloud computing exponentially contributes to these improvements. Cloud hosting increases productivity, security, and the value that they pass on to their clients.

According to the 2012 CCH Technology Survey which surveyed more than 400 accounting professionals, Cloud hosting was at the top of the list for providing the most benefits in the tax and accounting industry. The survey also revealed that within the next three years, 84% of large accounting firms, 64% of mid-size firms, and 46% of small firms are planning to implement cloud services. Unless you join them, you simply won’t be able to compete with others in your market.

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With Cloud Hosting Services You Can Process and Store Large Amounts of Data Securely

67% of the accounting firms surveyed reported that Big Data has and will continue to have a significant impact on the tax and accounting industry. CPAs in the future will be more like data scientist, using analytical and problem-solving skills to process large amounts of data for their clients. You’ll not only need to process this data, but store it safely and securely in an offsite location where it’s totally protected under any circumstance.  Firms are jumping onto cloud hosting in Houston because they know this is the only solution that works into the foreseeable future.

Cloud Hosting Helps You Comply With Important Financial Regulatory Requirements

Your financial regulatory requirements are met when you rely on cloud hosting. Your confidential data is encrypted and always protected against a natural or manmade disaster, from cybercrime, and computer viruses with the cloud’s protection.  Plus, data is stored offsite in multiple locations with multi-level protection mechanisms.

Data on Cloud Hosting is Secure and Always Available 24/7/365

Your confidential data is secure and always available on the cloud.  Approved personnel can access data securely 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an Internet connection. When working in the cloud from Houston, you and your employees can work anytime, anywhere, with the ability to serve clients in any location. This will increases productivity dramatically.

Cloud Hosting Helps You Better Serve Your Clients

Your clients in Houston and around the world will also benefit from your firm’s protected, and accessible, business cloud solutions.  You can give them permission to view files and documents so they feel more confident in your abilities gain a better understanding of their finances. They can see work and changes in real time, so they always have the most up-to-date information.  You can also transmit data to clients via the cloud, safely and securely, without the need for lengthy downloads or taking the time away from more important tasks to mail or email items.

Cloud Computing Can Be Installed Cost-Effectively and Immediately

CITOC will get you up and running in Houston and on the cloud without a big investment in hardware or software. All you need are your computers and an Internet access to get going—And a call to CITOC of course!

CITOC is one of Houston’s Top Cloud Hosting Providers, according to the Houston Business Journal.  Contact CITOC to book a No-Obligation Assessment of your cloud computing needs. Call us today at 713.490.5000 or email us at to learn more about how cloud computing can grow your accounting business and keep it competitive.

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