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Catastrophic Houston Flooding Highlights Benefits of Cloud Computing

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The recent flooding in Houston highlights the catastrophic consequences which may occur if a business is not prepared for such dire emergencies. While most people know that it is poor business sense to locate your servers and data centers in places subject to natural disasters or flooding, most businesses probably do not think about these possibilities if they are in places not usually prone to these sorts of events. For this reason, IT companies in Houston typically recommend that business owners plan for the worst even if it seems like a highly unlikely event.

Houston Flooding Highlights Need for Cloud Computing

Given that the Houston area is not typically noted for its flooding, it is likely that most businesses did not have a backup system in place during this emergency. This is particularly true for small businesses who tend to think that they are outside the typical focus of hackers, so they don’t feel that they have a need to invest in a disaster recovery system. Budget constraints are also a common factor influencing this decision to not upgrade a computer system to meet future business needs. Unfortunately this lack of preparation likely did not allow these businesses to fare very well during this flooding.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing In Houston

Cloud computing provides a seamless method of backing up a businesses’ information so that it can be accessed even if the server is not intact. For a company that is not part of a hybrid IT solution, if one of their servers became damaged during the flooding they would likely be down for quite some time. Not only would they need to wait for a server to be delivered to the business it would need to be of the same type to ensure compatibility. A hybrid solution on the other hand allows an organization of any size to enjoy seamless integration of their information and resources. ANY server may be used to tap into their cloud system. This means that a business might only be down for a couple of hours as opposed to several weeks. The savings in both time and money for small businesses cannot be understated.

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