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What to Look for When Hiring a Cloud Consulting Company

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You always hear about the benefits of the cloud – enhancing productivity through anytime, anywhere access to files and applications, improving business continuity through offsite storage of important data, and ensuring protection due to various security measures. Does that mean all cloud consulting companies are able to help you achieve those benefits? Nope…

Make Sure You Know What to Look For BEFORE Hiring a Cloud Consulting Company!

When you’re looking to hire a cloud consulting company, it’s absolutely fundamental to make sure you know what to look for BEFORE making a choice and signing a contract. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a bad situation, such as losing ownership of your data or not having access for long periods of time.

When hiring a cloud consulting company, make sure they’re focused on helping you leverage the right cloud solution that offers:

  1. File encryption: If you’re storing sensitive data, such as customer, company, or employee information, make sure it’s encrypted before leaving your servers, on it’s way to the data center, and in the data center.
  2. Uptime guarantee: Make sure there’s an uptime guarantee, such as 99.9%, in order to ensure you’re able to access your files at virtually anytime; otherwise, you’re left with your files in the cloud and unable to continue working.
  3. Flexible offering: If a cloud provider doesn’t offer flexibility, they’re not the best cloud provider for you. Your needs are constantly evolving, and although a certain amount of storage works for you now, that might change in the future.
  4. Responsive support: When you’re experiencing an issue with the cloud, you’re going to need quick and responsive support, preferably available around-the-clock to ensure you’re always able to access your data and applications.

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