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Houston CPA Firms Trust CITOC To Deliver Cloud Services

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CPAs Are Flying To Cloud Services in Houston


CITOC Is Helping Them Get There.

Cloud computing is simply a way of using technology that relies on sharing computing resources rather than using local servers to run software applications and store data.  The word cloud is a metaphor for the Internet, so cloud computing is Internet-based computing where services like servers, storage and applications are accessed by your CPA firm through the Internet. Cloud computing is one of the most reliable and secure technologies today.

Did You Know?CPA Firms that invest in cloud computing

continually outperform their competitors.


Cloud Computing Is:

Safe and Secure

Some CPAs worry about the security of storing and transferring data via a cloud system, but it’s actually safer than in-house servers and networks that can be hacked or damaged.   Your critical, confidential data is stored securely in a datacenter.

Cost Effective

The reason why cloud computing is rapidly gaining popularity is that it’s a cost effective way to access state-of-the-art enterprise-quality applications without the need to purchase hardware or software.  Cloud computing is a fraction of the cost of hiring.

Available From Any Location 24/7

You and your staff can access your data from any location at any time, making work hours more flexible for employees and having the ability to share data across miles, even across oceans.  All you need is an Internet connection and a computer or laptop.

Protect Your Critical, Confidential IT Data

Cloud computing is vital for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions that protect and retrieve your mission-critical data in the event of a natural or manmade disaster, or even a simple power outage.  It also prevents work downtimes in the event of a disaster.

Take advantage of cloud computing like other CPAs in Houston.

To do this you need the high quality and reliable

Cloud Consulting From CITOC.

CITOC Houston IT Support understands and keeps up with the ever-evolving world of IT and cloud services.  Our cloud-service professionals will survey your needs and handle the migration of your data to the cloud.  Every CPA firm is different, with different needs, so we don’t use the same template for every one of our clients.  We’ll customize your cloud to meet your specific requirements, organizational structure and business goals.

 CITOC will help you grow by providing cloud-support services that grow with your business.

We understand the ever-changing trends in cloud technology and how to best apply them to your business situation.

You Can Count On CITOC To:

  • Build and implement a solid cloud system that will speed up the performance of your business and keep it operating at peak performance.
  • Maximize your IT assets to provide the most cost-effective solutions available.
  • Give you peace of mind knowing that your confidential and critical IT data is secure and protected 24/7
  • Provide Houston IT Support, Cloud Consulting and Outsourced IT Services
  • Give you and your staff the ability to work from any location at any time, expand your geographic reach easily and with no downtime.
  • Eliminate maintenance, updates and worries with our round-the-clock help-desk services and proactive approach to prevent IT problems before they occur; freeing you up to focus on your business rather than IT issues.
  • Protect your data with business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that could save your business (and livelihood).
  • Offer secure access to your clients’ finances and your own financial operations. It improves how you interact with your clients through collaboration and transparency. 

Why You Should Choose CITOC  

Because we’re Houston’s leading Cloud Service Provider for growing CPA firms.

CITOC specializes in IT Solutions and Support for CPA firms in the Greater Houston Metro Area.  We’ve worked with many CPA firms and know that the security of your client data is a major issue for you.  We’ll work with you to ensure your files are always stored and transmitted securely to protect your clients’ privacy. Our IT experts will monitor and manage your network infrastructure 24/7 and will always be there if you need us.

Our team of certified and highly specialized IT professionals understand the important role information technology plays for CPA firms.  We’ll ensure you’ll have access to files on your company’s computer network both in the office and when you’re telecommuting remotely.

CITOC will be your trusted IT advisor, so you can be a trusted financial advisor for your clients. Call us today at 713.490.5000 or email us at to book a no-cost review of your CPA firm’s current technology, and to learn more about how cloud computing can grow your business. You can also visit us on the web at:

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