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5 “Must Ask” Questions To Ask When Outsourcing Cloud Services

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So you’re finally moving up in the ranks with the big boys, coming from USB sticks and external hard drives to the cloud! Every managed service provider will say it’s easy to sign up and get started, but do you know the proper questions to ask when outsourcing your cloud services?

Ask the Right Questions to Find Secure & Reliable Cloud Services

It’s not always about asking the right questions about the service, but the company as well. Having a service provider backed by leading corporations, such as Microsoft, is a strong indication that they are an entity you want to be partnered with. CITOC, a Houston IT Consulting Company, has all your needs wrapped up in one – from the cloud to IT security and everything in between. Give us a call at (713) 490-5000 to learn more.

Here we have the five most important questions to ask when outsourcing cloud services:

What type of cloud services do you offer?

The cloud lets you access your information and applications from more than just your office space, whether you’re using a public, private, or hybrid cloud service, however all of these services have different levels of security and features.

Who handles my cloud services?

Knowing if the service provider is a middleman or wants to get their hands dirty with you is a MUST. If the provider is a middleman, make sure they know what type of security measures, such as encryption, patch management, and maintenance, are included in the service.

How secure is the cloud?

All cloud solutions are different; so never forget to ask this question. Knowing what can get in and out, how often it is monitored and who has access to it is important to you. Know where your data will be and have peace of mind that it is secured – make sure it’s monitored 24/7.

What happens in the event of a data disaster?

This can be brought up in two parts: 1) what if my data is lost on my end, and 2) what happens if a data disaster happens in the cloud? Good cloud service providers already have this thought out and make sure your data is stored in a redundant data center to ensure recoverability.

How fast can you get started?

Your new cloud provider should be prepared to work with you and get you moved to the cloud fairly quickly. If they have a sense of urgency to get started fast, then you know you are on the right track with a cloud provider who truly strives to meet your needs.

CITOC’s cloud services will get you where you need to be – giving your employees more opportunity to get work done outside the office. Give us a call today at (713) 490-5000 or email us at to have your custom cloud solution put together for you.

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