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Cybercriminals Getting Increasingly Personal, Sophisticated and Malicious

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Investing in Employee Awareness Must Be Top Priorities for Houston Business Owners

Businesses nationwide are facing a larger variety of cyber threats every day. Cyber criminals are becoming incredibly sophisticated and unpredictable, and they are continually optimizing their methods of infiltrating business systems to steal or destroy data. Now more than ever business owners need to take steps to educate their staff and arm them with the knowledge and strategies to remain vigilant against cybercrime.

While end-users may seem like a minuscule piece of the cyber-security puzzle, they can and should be recognized as an organization’s strongest line of defense. According to a recent study but The Aberdeen Group, business owners should take steps to invest in cybersecurity training for employees as it could reduce the risk of breach by up to 70%. While back-ups, disaster recovery plans, and anti-virus software are important, business owners should also be making serious considerations about how vigilant their everyday tech users are being.

CITOC is an experienced and long-tenured managed IT provider in Houston and CEO BJ Farmer is incredibly passionate about sharing his expertise and experience directly with local professionals. “Technology should be a tool that enhances business and fosters success,” Famer says. “It should never become a window through which cybercriminals can attack an organization’s livelihood. CITOC is defined by a mission to help business owners take hold of technology and thrive, so I make a point to stay involved in local opportunities for education and awareness building.”

Farmer is a regular guest speaker on cybersecurity at the University of Houston and will be on hand for a variety of educational opportunities this quarter from the C.T. Bauer College of Business Protecting Your Business Against Cybercrime presentation series. Farmer’s first presentation took place on Tuesday and focused on the increasing prevalence of ransomware attacks on business owners and emerging trends in cybercrime. He looks forward to sharing additional insights on how Houston companies can stay secure at later installments in February and March.

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about the leading IT threats that Houston business owners face, how they can stay protected and how they can get involved in opportunities to learn, please don’t hesitate to contact CITOC CEO BJ Farmer to find out more.

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