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EHR & IT Security Top Lists of Concerns Amongst Healthcare Professionals

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healthcare ITWhat are the top three priorities facing healthcare CIOs and healthcare professionals in 2013? Electronic Health Records (EHR), meaningful use and compliance are the top healthcare CIO and practice manager priorities in 2013 according to a study commissioned by Level 3.

EHR implementations are both the top priority and healthcare’s biggest challenge in 2013. Despite being under the gun to meet the 2015 deadline imposed by the federal government, many healthcare professionals support having fully implemented EHRs. The majority also believe that 2015 is an obtainable goal.

Many healthcare professionals at the largest healthcare organizations believe it is crucial for the healthcare industry to move to EHRs for all patient information and that they will lead to improved patient care and operating efficiency. However, many of the same CIOs or practice managers in the study believe the challenge of safeguarding patient information, sensitive materials and other medical records keeps them awake at night. Security remains an ongoing exercise to protect information while continuing easy sharing of sensitive information across networks connecting hospitals, doctors, specialists and medical researchers.

Network infrastructure demands will continue to grow as healthcare organizations become increasingly connected introducing a whole new world of security concerns and demands along with other healthcare technology advancements.

Many healthcare organizations across the country plan to upgrade their network infrastructure over the next two years driven by EHRs, interconnectivity between providers and facilities and medical imaging demands.

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