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5 Critical Threats Can Knock Out Your Houston Business Phone System

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There’s no getting around it: losing phone service for any reason, even for a short period of time, can cost you dearly. Your new prospects will hear busy signals or out of service messages and immediately call your competitors. Your loyal clients will begin rethinking their options. Every second your phone system is down, you’re losing business.

  • Severe weather or other natural catastrophes knock out phone lines.
  • Phone equipment breaks down with age until it finally gives out.
  • Power goes down in your building for an extended period of time.
  • Human error interrupts service – or worse, intentional damage.
  • Digital or analog telephones experience line or network interruptions.

Protect Your Profits – Make Sure Clients Can Reach You

PBX Disaster Recovery by your Houston cloud telephone provider CITOC, is a remote-managed Plan B virtual phone service designed to protect your business from phone system outages. Available 24/7, PBX Disaster Recovery is hosted in a secure collocation facility with redundant enter- prise call switching hardware. This service is designed to seamlessly take over for your phone system during a disaster, providing you reliable backup. With our professional planning and over 13 years of providing secure virtual phone service, extended phone outages are no longer catastrophic to your business.

CITOC’s PBX Disaster Recovery includes:

  • Reliable Failover Should your phone system go down, your virtual disaster recov- ery system can kick in and start rerouting calls immediately.
  • Seamless Transition Your virtual disaster recovery system can be customized to imitate your standard auto attendant.
  • Cost Savings Versus traditional failover lines, a virtual disaster recovery system is a significantly lower-cost solution.
  • Scalability Your virtual system can be configured for multiple sites, scaled at-will, and has no limit on the number of simultaneous lines in use.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call CITOC, your Houston cloud telephone service provider at 713.490.5000 to back up your business phone system today. 

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