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CPAs In Houston Have Adopted Cloud Computing

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In today’s technology-driven world, cloud computing has greatly enhanced how CPA firms in Houston do business; and these CPAs rely on CITOC to provide them the technology and cloud services & solutions they depend on.

Accountants, like professionals in almost every industry in the Houston area are adjusting at a furious pace to the march of technology. Technology solutions improve business functions, and cloud computing exponentially contributes to these improvements. Cloud computing increases productivity, security, and value that CPAs can pass on to their clients.

In today’s world of accounting and cloud computing, CPAs are able to access services, software and information from the vast resources on the cloud; plus the cloud allows for enormous amounts of data storage and sharing (Big Data).

According to Warren Puy Arena, the IT Director of CPA firm Porter Keadle Moore LLP:

“From the perspective of a CPA firm, in the last few years, we have seen an increasing need to invest in technology designed to secure and protect our clients’ and the firm’s electronic assets. This need has been primarily driven by regulatory requirements on non-public data security now facing our clients.”

With cloud computing CPAs can offer services to clients that would typically require adding costly technology infrastructures.  And despite some people’s concern that financial data is at risk, most experts agree that it’s actually safer being stored in the cloud than with traditional storage methods.

Randy Johnston, Executive Vice President of K2 Enterprises, that offers continuing education for financial professionals and accountants, says:

“I believe cloud computing actually reduces the risk for most businesses, primarily because the data centers used for cloud computing have greater levels of skill and technical protection than most businesses.”

Cloud Computing Appeals to CPAs For A Number of Reasons

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way the accounting industry does business today.

Some of the benefits of cloud computing for CPAs include:

  • Continual software updates, so everyone in the firm is using the most up-to-date version of software.
  • Automatic backups of data to the cloud in a regular, secure fashion.
  • The ability to address regulatory requirements for having off-site backups.
  • Simplified access with applications and data that staff can use anywhere at anytime.
  • Access of financial data from laptops, smartphones and tablets, not just from desktop systems.
  • The ability for staff to work together using real-time updates and changes showing as they’re inputted.
  • Having applications and data everyone can refer to during a teleconference.
  • Omitting the necessity to exchange large files by email, file-transfer, or couriering physical media.
  • Allowing self-provision of data so users have instant access to the latest data rather than having to email each other for data requests.
  • Users don’t have to constantly interrupt accountants when they need information; with the cloud users can get this data directly, and finance professionals can focus on analyzing data, rather than constantly collecting and sending data. 

“Jump On the Cloud” Like Other Houston CPA Firms.  

Cloud Services & Cloud Computing From CITOC Can Be Installed Cost-Effectively and Immediately.

CITOC will get you up and running on the cloud without a big investment in hardware or software. All you need are your computers and an Internet access to get going—And a call to CITOC of course! CITOC is one of Houston’s Top Cloud Service Providers, according to the Houston Business Journal.

Contact CITOC to book a No-Obligation Assessment of your cloud computing needs. Call us today at 713.490.5000 or email us at to learn more about how cloud computing can grow your CPA firm and keep it competitive.

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