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An Accounting of Just a Few Benefits of Cloud Computing for CPAs

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Houston CPA Cloud SerivcesIn today’s technology-driven world, cloud computing has greatly enhanced how CPA firms in Houston do business.  And these CPAs rely on CITOC to provide them technology and cloud solutions that work.

Technology solutions improve business functions, and cloud computing exponentially contributes to these improvements. Cloud computing increases productivity, security, and value that you can pass on to your clients.

At an IC Opportunities meeting in Chicago earlier this year, leading cloud experts presented to an audience of accounting professionals why CPAs Should Care About The Cloud:

  1. The cloud allows CPAs to work on their own schedule—where they want to work from, and at what time, day or night.
  1. It provides efficiencies that allow CPAs to devote more time to their business and their clients.
  1. It’s a more secure way to store a firm’s and clients’ confidential information.  It also changes the game for how accountants interact with their clients with better collaboration and transparency.
  1. For the multi-office firm and for firms that have employees and clients in different locations, it allows everyone to access up-to-date documents from anywhere at any time, with real-time interaction.
  1. Cloud solutions help the small accounting firm that is resource-challenged. More products and software are moving to the cloud, and opportunities to use these products are increasing, saving money and without the up-front and licensing costs of installing software. This allows small CPA firms to grow their business and compete with the big guys.
  1. The cloud helps CPAs better serve their clients. What the customer needs always drives change. The cloud is a tool that enables CPAs to be the trusted advisors they really want to be.

“Jump On the Cloud” Like Other Houston CPA Firms. 

Cloud Computing Can Be Installed Cost-Effectively and Immediately.

CITOC will get you up and running on the cloud without a big investment in hardware or software. All you need are your computers and an Internet access to get going—And a call to CITOC of course! CITOC is one of Houston’s Top Cloud Providers, according to the Houston Business Journal.

Contact CITOC to book a No-Obligation Assessment of your cloud computing needs. Call us today at 713.490.5000 or email us at to learn more about how cloud computing can grow your CPA firm and keep it competitive.

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