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Houston Healthcare Clinics Moving Closer To Cloud Computing

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Houston Healthcare ITHouston IT consulting companies are scrambling once again to help medical organizations and those who serve the healthcare industry meet stringent compliance regulations. The latest challenge comes from the changes to the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA). New privacy, security, enforcement and breach rules are hot off the presses, all 563 pages. Included in these sweeping changes are regulations for leveraging cloud computing in healthcare.

Cloud service providers with access to any qualified healthcare data are considered “business associates” and must comply with the breach notification rules. This means that cloud providers and the healthcare provider they support are liable for violation of HIPAA rules. This adds new pressures on both vendors and healthcare providers to take extra precautions when dealing with data privacy of the patients and customers. Now selecting the right IT provider and IT consulting company is even more crucial.

Has your IT service organization talked to you about the new HIPAA rules and the impact on your practice? When was the last time your IT service company completed a HIPAA risk assessment on your behalf?

HIPAA violations can cost your healthcare practice tens of thousands of dollars. Healthcare providers must select IT partners knowledgeable about HIPAA rules and how to best protect you. Contact us to learn more about how our IT security and IT support experts can take care of you.

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