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A modern IT system is not a luxury anymore. Nearly any business can benefit from the latest IT capabilities, but for most small businesses, the required expertise is probably not available in-house. That’s where an IT consultant can deliver the right capabilities – matched specifically to the needs of that business. CITOC, a leading IT consultant in Houston, is one example of a resource that provides these critical services.

IT Consulting for Houston’s Small Businesses

A good IT consulting firm provides a full suite of IT support for small businesses. Along with the expected system installation, configuration and maintenance, this support should also include network-wide antivirus systems, data back-up services and comprehensive performance monitoring.

CITOC provides this support to businesses in the Houston area seeking IT consulting services, and analysis shows that CITOC’s full-service support plan is about one-third the cost of just one internal IT employee. Also, a fully outsourced IT team can provide much more expertise than any single IT employee. The savings only increases as the internal headcount would scale up as a business grows.

What About the Cloud?

One key IT issue these days is how to leverage cloud computing. CITOC’s cloud computing team can help any business identify the right solutions for their particular situation. The cloud can be especially beneficial for a small businesses, since exporting computing requirements to centralized hardware prevents that business from investing in and maintaining their own facilities. It also gives them the flexibility to increase or customize their solutions as their business evolves. An IT consultant with expertise in identifying and implementing the right cloud solutions – which can change over time – can significantly impact a business’s bottom line.

People often worry about security when their IT infrastructure is housed outside their walls, but the secure data centers of CITOC’s cloud computing services are actually more secure than systems created by small businesses. It is difficult for small businesses to keep up with all the latest security threats and solutions, but, for an IT consultant like CITOC, your security is their top priority.

Outsourced CIO

Finally, an IT consultant can provide the high-level vision and guidance needed in modern businesses as an outsourced CIO (Chief Information Officer). Hiring a C-level executive is an expensive proposition – if you can even find the right person for the job! For Houston businesses considering an IT consultant, CITOC can provide the right level of expertise and experience to lead the whole IT function of a business.

For example, a CIO needs a thorough understanding of a business to identify and implement the right solutions with a cost-effective approach. A variety of IT challenges exist in sales, HR and finance and in the manufacturing departments, and the right mix of solutions is typically a function of the nature and size of the business. CITOC’s experts can be your CIO and sort out this strategy, letting the executive worry about his part of the business.

Whatever your IT challenges are in Houston’s business arena, an IT consultant can likely provide solutions. CITOC, a local leader in IT consulting for Houston’s businesses, is fully equipped to manage the IT side of your business.

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