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Outsourcing IT for the Houston Oil and Gas Industry Has Become a Necessity.

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Houston IT ServicesWith the recent economic decline, controlling costs has become a huge challenge for the gas and oil industry. And with global demand for oil growing by 1 to 2% a year, there are ever-growing fears of a supply shock. Plus, the ability to fully understand drilling requirements is important to ensure safe and efficient operations. As a result, these companies must totally focus on their core business operations and outsource their IT requirements.

It’s easy to see how technology has impacted the healthcare, entertainment, banking and retail industries; but there isn’t lot of information regarding its impact on companies that extract natural resources. The reality is, the oil and gas industry has already adopted a variety of technologies to allow for more efficient business operations.

Communication Technologies

The oil and gas industry uses information technology for their oilfield communications. For example, RigNet is a leading global provider of managed remote communications, collaborative applications, and systems integration applications for the oil and gas industry. RigNet provides communications for offshore and onshore drilling rigs, offshore production facilities, and energy maritime. With solutions ranging from fully-managed voice and data networks, to complex applications, including video conferencing and real-time data services, RigNet help businesses overcome the complications of communication with oilfield employees at all times.

Software for the Oilfield Industry

Various software programs are available that enable new modes of operation. However, software for the oilfield industry can be particularly complex, and it’s necessary for oil and gas companies to have access to experts who understand this software.


Fekete develops eight software products for the oilfield industry. These products are sold, supported, and used extensively throughout North America and global markets. With the latest technology, Fekete provides innovative, practical, and advanced solutions.

Some of the software designed by Fekete includes:

  • Fast Declineplus

This software allows you to develop forecasts and estimate reserves by calculating original volumes-in-place, recovery factor, and expected ultimate recovery using the traditional deterministic methods of decline, volumetrics, material balance, and water-oil ratio analysis. In addition, you can conduct production surveillance on water-flood oil fields using standard Hall and VRR (Variable Resource Requirement) plot.

  • Fast Welltest

With Fast Welltest, you can interpret reservoir-flow characteristics, predicting future deliverability based on buildup and short-term drawdown well-test information. A variety of analytical and numerical models can be deployed to match the pressure history and generate forecasts. Diagnostic plots, as well as DFIT (Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test) analyses and G function, are used to identify flow regimes and estimate the parameters of a reservoir.

  • Fast Piper

This software is used to quickly model existing or future gas-gathering systems by defining compression, wellbores, pipeline configuration, and deliverability in a map-based environment. You can run multiple scenarios to determine the effects of infill drilling, compression, and pipeline capacity.


Schlumberger provides the industry’s most extensive range of products and services, from exploration to production software. Schlumberger has many categories of software products, such as drilling, production, and geology software to assist with the day-to-day operations in the oil and gas industry.

  • Techlog Drilling

With Techlog drilling, you’re able to predict pore pressure and wellbore stability, as well as stream and process real-time data while drilling. With the Pore Pressure Prediction and Wellbore Stability modules, performing the required analyses can be done with confidence.

  • Petrel Geology and Modeling

In order to identify and recover hydrocarbons, workers require accurate, high-resolution geological modeling of a reservoir structure, rock properties, and stratigraphy. With Petrel E&P Software, you receive a full spectrum of geological workflows to solve the most complicated geological and modeling challenges.

It’s important for the oil and gas industry to outsource their technology in order to focus on their core competencies; this way they know they’re using software efficiently and to its fullest potential. The benefit of increased efficiencies is vast, and it’s well worth outsourcing IT to a provider who is an expert in the software and technology required to get the job done.

CITOC provides Oilfield IT Services in Houston.  Our services provide oil companies, oilfield service business and those working in the oil patch with award-winning IT services in Houston.

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