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Other IT Consulting Companies in the Houston Area Pale in Comparison to CITOC When It Comes to Response Times & Customer Service

IT Consulting Companies Houston TXAre you researching IT consulting companies in the Houston area? If so, your search can end with CITOC. You’ll find all the IT solutions you need for your business as we offer comprehensive managed IT services. These include part-time CIO services, proactive engineering services, and Help Desk support services. Taken together, our services cover everything from your company’s long-term IT strategy to the daily issues that arise such as Internet connectivity problems. Our company also stays on top of the latest industry trends by earning the required certifications, so you can trust we have the expertise to monitor your IT systems 24/7/365 and prevent downtime from occurring.

An Honest & Dependable IT Company

Since our founding in 1995, CITOC has become counted among the leading IT consulting companies in the Houston area, earning an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau by continually going above and beyond for every customer we serve. In addition to our phenomenal managed IT services, we’re the ideal choice to be your IT solutions provider because we:

  • Provide fast response times that leave the competition in the dust—a claim that we can prove
  • Make our company decision makers easily accessible, so you can get a response to your question or concern fast
  • Offer a competitive flat rate for our services, charging only by the number of employees you have, which means you don’t have to worry about getting nickeled and dimed
  • Serve companies in a variety of different industries—such as healthcare, real estate, legal, and manufacturing—and have the experience to serve yours as well

Still Not Sure Whether Managed IT Is Right for Your Company?

Throughout our many years in business, we’ve come across numerous potential clients who not only weren’t sure about which managed IT services provider to choose, but also didn’t know whether outsourcing IT was even the right choice for their needs. They wondered whether handling IT in-house would be more advantageous. But in almost all instances, entrusting your team’s IT needs to a third-party IT consulting company is a smart business move. Here’s why:

  • You can save money. Thinking about having to pay an IT consulting company for managed IT services can be unsettling, especially if your business is on a tight budget. But you also have to consider how much an in-house IT department would cost. In addition to having to pay your IT staff’s salaries, you’ll also have to spend money on hiring and training whenever a team member leaves.
  • You can feel more confident and secure. Working with a managed IT company can provide you with invaluable peace of mind. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your team’s IT needs are being handled by experts who have built their careers on this type of work and who keep up with ever-changing security and compliance requirements. Of course, in order to reap these benefits, it’s critical that you partner with a qualified IT consulting company like CITOC.
  • You can focus on more important matters. When you manage IT in-house, it’s easy to get distracted by technological issues that can pop up on a daily basis. This takes away time and energy from the core functions of your business. When you delegate IT issues to a third-party provider, on the other hand, your team can remain focused on day-to-day operations and long-term strategies.

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Our goal at CITOC will be to help your business increase revenue and productivity while minimizing costs and risks. Contact us today to learn more about why we’re considered one of the leading IT consulting companies in the Houston area.

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