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Among IT Support Companies Operating in the Houston, TX, Area, CITOC Stands Out with its Fast Response Times & Easy Communication

IT Support Companies Houston TXYou’ll find many IT support companies in the Houston, Texas, area, but none of them provide CITOC’s level of customer service. In fact, businesses often turn to us after becoming dissatisfied with their current IT solutions provider because other providers have slow response times and poor communication. We have objective data that proves we provide faster response times than the competition, and as a testament to the quality of our customer service, we have earned and maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

In addition to superior customer service, CITOC differentiates itself from other IT support companies in the Houston, TX, area by providing first-rate managed IT services. You can trust that you’ll receive top-of-the-line IT support with us because we:

  • Constantly keep up to date on the latest changes in technology and how companies can use them to help grow
  • Earn the latest certifications and currently have certifications for MicrosoftⓇ cloud platforms – including Office365 and Azure – as well as VMwareⓇ, Hyper-V, and SonicWallⓇ
  • Have the expertise to serve large, mid-size, and small businesses in a number of different industries, including oil and gas, healthcare, real estate, legal, and manufacturing

When you choose CITOC, the managed IT services that you’ll receive for your business include part-time CIO services, proactive engineering services, and Help Desk services. We’ll take care of everything from strategic planning and budget creation to monitoring your systems 24/7/365 and repairing any machine issues on a daily basis. What’s more, we offer competitive rates. Unlike other IT solutions companies, we charge a flat rate based on your employee count, not the number of devices you have.

Why Should My Company Utilize a Managed Services Provider?

This is a common question in today’s business world. Often, small to midsize companies hire a dedicated IT employee in the belief that it will save them money. However, the benefits that IT support companies provide greatly outweigh any potential short-term cost savings. These benefits include:

Reduced Labor Costs

In most cases, partnering with a managed services provider will save your company in the long run. Hiring and training an IT staff is costly, and the employees may not work out as hoped. Additionally, with a team of experienced professionals on your side, you’ll be able to budget better while avoiding potential pitfalls that can turn into large, unexpected expenses.


If the manager who is hiring your company’s IT staff isn’t IT certified, how will they be able to judge the expertise of the candidates? IT support companies are staffed by professionals from various industries who have different areas of expertise, so your company gets the benefit of having an entire IT team providing 24/7 support.

Increased Efficiency

For a single in-house IT employee, implementing a new network system can be a long and drawn-out process. With an entire team of IT experts on your side, research, development, and implementation are completed much more quickly, saving your company time and money.

Risk Reduction and Improved Security

IT support companies are able to monitor your networks 24 hours a day and can respond quickly to any threats. Additionally, a managed service provider is better positioned to stay current on all of the potential threats to your company’s IT and implement the protections needed to neutralize them.

These are just some of the reasons why hiring a managed services provider is a good idea for your company. Contact CITOC today to learn more about what separates us from other IT support companies in the Houston, TX, area and to request a price quote for your business. Contact CITOC today to learn more about what separates us from other IT support companies in the Houston, TX, area and to request a price quote for your business.

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