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An Experienced Houston IT Consultant Serving Businesses in the Oil & Gas, Construction & Manufacturing Industries

IT Consultant Houston TXThe Houston, Texas, area is home to businesses from a wide array of industries, with oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing among the most prominent. When these companies want to ensure that their IT services are in good hands, they turn to CITOC. As an experienced IT consultant that has been serving the area since 1995, we know how to deliver the level of service our customers deserve.  We offer industry-best response times, easy-to-understand communication, and flat-rate billing, and we’re proud to be a three-time Microsoft Partner of the Year.

Utilizing a Comprehensive Approach

As your IT consultant, CITOC will endeavor to reduce network downtime and increase employee productivity through better use of the technology you already utilize. Our in-house CIO employee will provide quarterly visits to your office to review your market and budget concerns and create a strategy that addresses them. Our proactive engineers will ensure that your employees are utilizing best practices while also providing regular system maintenance and monitoring your networks 24/7. And, our Help Desk will always be standing by to assist with connectivity or equipment issues.

The Benefits of Partnering With an IT Consultant

If you’re considering hiring an IT consultant, you’ve probably wondered whether it would be a smarter choice to staff an in-house IT team. You know what’s best for your business, but for many companies, partnering with a third-party provider offers significant advantages. When you team up with a reputable IT consultant like CITOC, you can rest easy knowing that your company’s IT needs are in the hands of trained professionals who will protect your data and keep your systems running smoothly.

Of course, cost is always a concern, and hiring an IT consultant can actually help your business save money. Think about how many employees you would need to effectively manage your company’s IT needs. You’ll have to spend money hiring and training them, then continue paying their salaries. And, if one of them ever decides to leave the company, you’ll need to start all over again with the hiring and training process.

What’s more, when you manage your company’s IT needs in-house, you’ll have to supply all of the hardware, software, and other equipment that your team may need. These expenses can quickly add up. When you turn to an IT consultant like CITOC, on the other hand, you’ll know the cost of services up front and be able to budget accordingly. Plus, at CITOC, we charge a flat rate based on the number of employees you have, not the number of devices your company uses—this also helps with budgeting.

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If you are interested in learning more about the factors that have made CITOC a leading IT consultant for businesses in the oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing industries, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We will be happy to detail the full range of services we offer to Houston-area businesses and answer any questions you have.

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