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LinkedIn Can Be The Boost Your Houston Business Needs!

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LinkedIn HoustonOne of Houston computer consulting clients recently called us to thank us for our services, and for helping them get noticed on LinkedIn.  Simply by using the strategies we suggested, they signed up a new $65K annual contract, and they’re hoping to get more!  Not only does CITOC provide IT services Houston business loves, we also help with reaching business objectives.

How can you do this?  By employing a number of LinkedIn tactics.  CITOC can help you do this, but we’ve noted a few below, “free of charge!”

As a leader of your business you need to set the tone on LinkedIn.   By establishing your own LinkedIn profile, you’re setting an example for your employees.  Your LinkedIn profile should be a template they can follow, but customize for themselves.  Use your profile to connect with the outside business community as well as your employees.  When you rave about something that an employee has done, it promotes a successful image to outsiders and encourages those inside your business. Invite all of your employees, even the new hires to your LinkedIn page. Post regular company blogs on your site that both your business connections and your employees will be interested in.

Help your staff build compelling profiles that will attract followers. Provide an in-house training session on LinkedIn and how it should be used. Think of your employees’ LinkedIn pages as a product page for your MSP.  Showcase your business through their page just as you would when advertising your services. This promotes your employees’ loyalty to your MSP and their followers’ interest in your services.  Because social media sites like LinkedIn incorporate a human element, it’s more trusted than other forms and advertising and encourages a closer connection and emotional bond with clients, partners and your business community.

Each of your employees should link to your company blog feed and invite every client, partner and business contact to the feed.  In this way, each of your employees is acting like a “brand ambassador” for your business, promoting it to a multitude of contacts that will hopefully do the same. The more followers you have, the greater your ranking on LinkedIn.  This provides your Houston business greater visibility and potentially greater interaction with your content.

LinkedIn improves your relationship with your employees.  Believe it or not, some businesses prohibit their employees from having LinkedIn accounts.  This is not only shortsighted, but says to employees that they aren’t trusted.  If you promote your employees’ use of LinkedIn, this tells them that they’re an important asset and trusted promoter for your organization.  It builds morale as well as potential business for you.  

Using LinkedIn helps your employees and departments stay connected.  When your employees are connected to one another, your business becomes a shared bond for them, and acts like their family away from home.  It’s also a great tool to use for sharing information about what they are doing at work and how they’re contributing to your company’s success.  By sharing their successes, other employees are encouraged to excel and share their successes.  This is a win for your employees as well as for your business.  LinkedIn can also be used as an informational tool.  Individual departments can explain what they’re working on so your employees feel connected and understand what’s happening in other areas of the business.  It also helps to promote an all-inclusive culture where everyone feels like an integral part of the team.

If you’re not using LinkedIn for your Houston business, consider all the benefits we’ve mentioned above.  For assistance using LinkedIn and other social media platforms contact CITOC.  We’ll make it easy for you and fun for your employees!  Call (713) 490-5000 or email us at:

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