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Managed IT Support Services Houston TX

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Comprehensive Managed IT Support Services for Businesses Throughout the Houston, TX, Area

Managed IT Support Services Houston TXManaged IT support services are a necessity for businesses in the Houston, Texas, area that want to be successful. While this type of service might not seem crucial when things are running smoothly, a network outage can bring your office to a halt and make you realize that your IT systems can’t be an afterthought. At CITOC, we provide managed IT services that minimize operational and security risks and allow our customers to be as productive as possible. We pride ourselves on our industry-best response times, the knowledge and experience we offer (we’ve been in business since 1995), and the fact that we’ve maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for many years.

Understanding Our Services

The managed IT support services we offer go much further than just setting up your network and being there when trouble arises. We take a proactive approach to IT to help our customers meet their productivity and growth goals. We will give you access to a part-time CIO employee who will help create an IT strategy that meets your company’s unique challenges and provide a budget for the next 18 months. Our proactive engineers are certified on all major platforms and will visit monthly to ensure your systems are optimized and your employees are properly trained. They will also monitor your network 24/7 so they can respond immediately if an issue arises. Additionally, our Help Desk staff will be available if you’re having a problem with a printer or monitor.

The Benefits of Hiring a Managed IT Support Services Provider

Of course, you always have the option of handling your company’s IT needs in-house, rather than outsourcing the job to a managed IT support services provider. But keep in mind that this approach has numerous drawbacks. IT is a crucial part of your business and needs to be handled by qualified professionals to ensure that your team can take full advantage of it. Unfortunately, in many instances, in-house IT departments don’t have the same level of skill and experience that a third-party provider like CITOC can offer.

What’s more, unless you choose to hire additional employees whose responsibilities will be strictly limited to IT, handling IT in-house would require diverting time and energy away from other business objectives. When you hire a third-party provider, on the other hand, your team will be free to focus their full attention on day-to-day tasks and long-term strategy development.

If you’re still hesitant to hire a managed IT support services provider because of cost concerns, consider just how much it would cost to staff an in-house IT department. Obviously, you would need to pay those employees’ salaries, but the financial obligations wouldn’t end there. For example, you would also need to pay for training whenever a new employee joined the team. With that in mind, it would likely be a smart financial decision to outsource your company’s IT needs to a third-party provider like CITOC.

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Contact CITOC today if you would like additional information about the managed IT support services we offer to businesses throughout the Houston area. We look forward to telling you more about our services and speaking with you about the many benefits we can provide for your business.

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