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How to Get the Kind of Managed Services Houston Companies Like Yours Require

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There’s currently a mass migration by owners of small and mid-sized business to have managed IT services handle the management and maintenance of their IT networks. And yes, there are available the type of managed services Houston companies like yours require to get them into “network performance equilibrium” or what we refer to as optimal business and technology alignment. 

Many business owners in the know are choosing managed IT services to meet their growing computer network management needs. But, how do you know that your managed IT services provider, or MSP, can truly handle the requirements of managing all the ins and outs of your particular IT network? It’s a good question, in light of the fact that one of the biggest things business owners are asking themselves in regards to IT is, “Should I stay with my in-house IT staff or go with an outsourced IT company?”

This dilemma is easily resolved, however, when enterprise owners realize that they can simply augment their existing in-house IT with an MSP, which can “fill in the gaps” in complementing their existing service. Even better, with the CITOC brand of managed services in Houston, SMB owners can get much broader coverage than they can with an “IT guy,” and they get predictable, fixed-rate billing to go with it.

This all means that you get more value, more coverage, and better cost control when you opt-in for Houston managed services from CITOC.

The Facts and Figures Support the Managed Services Trend

To quote from an article in on why many SMBs are choosing managed services:

“CompTIA found that improving the efficiency and reliability of IT operations was a main driving factor for going with an MSP for 56 percent of companies with 100 or more employees and 47 percent of companies with fewer than 100 employees.

Enhanced security and compliance was a driving factor for 38 percent of companies of all sizes. ROI/cost savings was a driving factor for 33 percent of companies with 100 or more employees and 28 percent of companies with fewer than 100 employees.

The trade association found that 6-in-10 respondents that consider their technology usage advanced are using an MSP for physical security services. Also, 63 percent of the same group are using an MSP for application monitoring. The managed services that are lowest in demand to date are videoconferencing, mobile device management and audio/visual services.”

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