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Recent Microsoft Community Connections Presentation a Resounding Success for Houston’s CITOC

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Houston IT expert BJ Farmer Engages Attendees with Talk on Cyber-security for Small-Mid-Sized Businesses

HOUSTON, TX – August 30th 2016 –  CITOC’s Ben Farmer recently joined forces with Microsoft Community Connections to give a presentation on the threat Cybercrime poses for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Detailed and highly informative, Farmer’s talk touched on typical areas of weakness for SMBs and outlined the risks these weaknesses create. Covered topics included:

  • The challenges of maintaining effective security measures
  • The financial damage caused by cyber attacks
  • The need for security measures specific to a cloud based workplace
  • The use of apps and personal devices for business
  • The danger of phishing scams and malware, internal vs. external threats
  • The need for experienced and reliable IT services for all businesses across any industry
  • The need for businesses and their IT partners to stay current on all technological developments and updates to stay ahead of potential threats and maintain a high level of productivity.

Microsoft Community Connections (MCC) is a program developed by Microsoft that connects local industry professionals with Microsoft Partners, providing opportunities for them to educate small businesses on the most innovative technological solutions available to them. In turn, this allows businesses to discover ways to operate more efficiently and grow their businesses with the help of the latest technological advancements.

Farmer’s first experience with Microsoft Community Connections went incredibly well and he has been asked to come back as a resident expert in September. This is an incredibly important role for Farmer and he and the entire CITOC team are excited about what this partnership will mean for CITOC clients and the larger Houston business community. 

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about Microsoft Community Connections, Farmer’s involvement as a tech expert and what these educational opportunities can mean for Houston business-owners, please contact BJ Farmer for more information.


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