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CITOC Can Help Your Houston Business Migrate to a Microsoft Office 365 Solution With a Minimum of Impact or Downtime to Slow You Down

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A lot of Houston businesses are seeing the great potential in migrating to a Microsoft Office 365 deployment. After years of relying on expensive and clunky Exchange servers eating up space and power in the back room, businesses are ready to turn to the cloud for a simple and easy source for all their email and Office needs.

But how do you make the switch from what you have now?

CITOC is here to help. We are the leading Microsoft Partner in Houston, and our team is ready to shoulder the burden of your Office 365 deployment. We’ll handle everything involved, right down to making sure every user still has access to all the same emails and files as before. Let us do the heavy lifting, and you can focus on what’s important – running your business.

Plus, our proactive Houston IT services and support help keep your Office 365 solution at its best after the migration, helping you stay productive and efficient every day. To learn more, or to schedule a no-obligation Houston IT systems assessment, give us a call at (713) 490-5000 or send us an email at

  • Full Planning & Implementation: A big project like migrating to Microsoft Office 365 can eat up a lot of resources for a company. The amount of time and energy you’d have to spend on implementing your Office 365 deployment would be better spent on what you do best – running your business. CITOC will handle all the planning and full implementation of the deployment, saving you time and ensuring it’s done right the first time.
  • Full Transfer of Important Data: We know how valuable your existing email and settings are, and what a pain it would be to try to move them all over to your new Office 365 solution yourself. Your Houston IT consultants can provide a complete migration of all your files for all your users – emails, contacts, calendars, and personal settings.
  • Migration from Any Existing System: It doesn’t matter what kind of email solution you’re using now. Whether it’s an on-premises mail server or another hosted solution, IMAP/POP3/Exchange… you name it. We’ll make sure you get a smooth migration designed to minimize frustrating downtime and let you keep using the same services you’ve always relied on.

Reduce the cost, time, and risk of a migration to Microsoft Office 365 with the help of CITOC, the leading Microsoft Partner and Houston IT support company. Give us a call at (713) 490-5000 or send us an email at to learn more.

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