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DropBox Now a Storage App of the Past Thanks to Microsoft OneDrive for Business

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For years, DropBox was a popular cloud-based option for businesses looking to store and share data. However, in more recent years, DropBox has become synonymous with data breaches and faulty features that fall short of business standards. As Microsoft continues to dominate the Cloud space for business, their stand-alone version of OneDrive is serving as the business owner’s ultimate alternative to DropBox.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business provides a ‘starter’ 25GB platform that can be easily scaled depending on the specific needs of any business. While DropBox continually made headlines for security mishaps and limited user features, OneDrive offers seamless sync and share options with strong lines of defense to ensure business data is available and secure on any device. Unlike DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive is designed specifically for business owners, to drive optimization and uphold premium security compliance.

Microsoft OneDrive offers a variety of business-focused benefits over DropBox including:

  • World-class security mechanisms including multifactor authentication and built-in compliance features,
  • Scalable space so storage platforms can grow and retract as business conditions change and
  • Strategic compatibility to drive seamless collaboration, access, and productivity.

“DropBox was a great starter platform when cloud storage first became an accessible option for business,” says CITOC CEO, BJ Farmer. “However, Microsoft’s development and optimization of OneDrive makes it a no-brainer to leave DropBox in the past.”

“Simply put, OneDrive offers a dynamic platform which allows professionals to easily and securely store, share and access data as necessary,” continues Farmer. “No concerns that business data will be compromised in the latest DropBox breach and no worries about compatibility or access limitations. Just a user-friendly platform that offers the familiarity and productive power of Microsoft Office.

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