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CITOC Proud to Assist Microsoft Team in Educating Exxon Employees

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CITOC President and CEO BJ Farmer was proud to be asked to help the Microsoft team teach Exxon employees about the many benefits of Microsoft technologies and how they help to improve and add value to businesses.

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Microsoft was looking for a partner who could relay personal stories and experiences of working with their technologies, to help Exxon employees gain insight from real business situations.

Exxon is a large corporation, and they often take considerable time to adopt new technologies. As our team typically works with much smaller companies, BJ was brought in to provide a unique perspective with focus on how innovations from Microsoft are designed to streamline processes and make life easier.

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The Enterprise Mobility Suite proved to be a hit among Exxon employees. Giving users the ability to easily and securely control their devices and data, the Enterprise Suite offers a wide range of benefits to operations of any size. Likewise, many employees were interested in BJ’s talk on Information Rights Management.

As employees access Emails and documents from multiple locations, inboxes have becomes hubs of sensitive data and files. To help prevent information leakage, Microsoft introduced Information Rights Management features, which offer comprehensive online and offline protection of Email messages and attachments.

Exxon wasn’t using either of these innovative technologies, but after speaking with BJ employees left feeling that they were both absolute necessities for increased productivity.

CITOC is always eager to educate when it comes to IT, helping companies improve their workflow and maximize capabilities. To learn more about our wide range of technical expertise and how you can benefit, reach out to us at or (713) 490-5000.

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