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Have You Considered Replacing Your IT Company With Your Office Move?

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Moving is exciting. Getting into a new and possibly bigger office can seem like a new start for your business. Changing your physical location might not be the only thing you should change during your move, however. What about changing your IT company as well? An office move can be the ideal time to switch up your IT company for a new one.

Office Move Computers

Out With the Old, in With the New

When you plan a move, one of your first tasks is to assess what you are going to take with you. Anything that is outdated or no longer necessary probably won’t find its way to the new office. Your IT systems should be no different.

While you are moving your office, why take all of that old IT equipment with you? Changing IT companies will allow you to refresh your computer hardware and give the new office a new virtual face as well as a new physical one.

Installing Equipment Is Easy in a New Office

An office move is a very good time to make network upgrades, add a server rack, or even move away from a traditional phone system to VOIP.

A fresh set of eyes can take a look at your company and provide you with a set of solutions built to accommodate both your business needs and your new office space.

The best part is that since you are moving anyway, you can integrate the physical installs of new and updated equipment as part of your move. It saves both time and money.

Physical Location

What happens if your network switch goes down, or your server begins to overheat? Your IT company will need to send someone to take a look at it. If you are moving a good distance from your old office, this might prove to be an issue.

While many things can be fixed virtually, critical issues sometimes need the touch of someone on site. Choosing a company that is in physical proximity to your new office can help get these problems fixed quickly.

Your Service Needs Have Changed

Take a look at your old IT contract. Does it really cover all of the aspects of your business needs right now? What about after the move?

If you are moving your office space, that means the needs of your business have changed. You do not want to saddle your business with an old contract that doesn’t cover it all. A move is a great time to bring in a fresh set of eyes to assess your business and come up with a new contract to cover your IT needs.

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