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CITOC Plays Crucial Role With Leading Oilfield Design Company

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The Energy Sector in the United States continues to be one of the leading industries from an economic standpoint but Oil & Gas plays an important role in shaping the technology industry globally. Energy companies turn to technology to assist in the exploration of natural resources and the extraction of these precious resources. CITOC, Houston’s premiere IT support company focuses on helping the energy industry use technology efficiency allowing them to focus on their jobs and leaving IT to us.

Houston, TX – Oil & Gas continues to fuel the US economy and play an important part in shaping how corporate America uses Information Technology to increase operating efficiencies, boost profitability and help connect with their own customers.

When Houston-based National K Works needed a Houston IT firm to ensure their corporate infrastructure was running as smoothly as possible, they turned to the outsourced IT experts at CITOC to provide an all inclusive IT support program.

Since 1976, National K Works has produced state of the art Dewar Flasks, Pressure Housings and Thermo-housings for the oilfield industry. Their products are designed to protect valuable down-hole electronics from the high temperatures and pressures encountered in geothermal and modern extreme drilling applications.

Break from reliance on in-house IT support

National K Works at one time relied on in-house IT professionals to manage all the company’s IT support. When in-house IT decided to pursue other career opportunities, as is often the case, National K Works decided it was time to outsource their IT support needs and CITOC was ready to jump in a lend a hand. National K Works determined it was more cost-effective to outsource their IT support to CITOC versus staffing these roles internally. In addition, CITOC offered National K Works a comprehensive IT support solution that was deep in technical skill as well as the ability to help with corporate planning and the role IT plays in meeting company goals.

CITOC offers many levels of service to National K Works, providing a combination of onsite services with outsourced help desk services available when issues occur that require immediate attention. CITOC is able to provide day-to-day IT services while also helping National K Works plan for the future and the important role IT plays in their corporate planning, much more than they were receiving from their in-house IT department.

CITOC supports and takes ownership of all corporate IT

CITOC is their complete outsourced IT department, providing full support for all lines of business applications including supporting their Infor ERP solution and providing SQL Server data migration as well as database support for all applications including the ERP platform. CITOC assists in providing the tools and services needed to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and make smarter decisions—faster.

CITOC provides National K Works with all their technology equipment. As a trusted Houston Cisco and DELL partner, CITOC provides National K Works with a single source for all their IT needs. Having a trusted Microsoft, Dell and Cisco partner who can provide the company with all core infrastructure and user devices is essential and gives National K Works additional value from their technology provider.

In addition to the many on-site services, National K Works has outsourced some parts of their environment to cloud based technologies. Microsoft Exchange Server, a service that National K Works relies on to communicate with clients, partners, manufacturers and suppliers, was once hosted onsite, however today it is hosted by CITOC.

The CITOC cloud allows the business to remove certain parts or all of their onsite IT solutions to have them hosted in their secure data center, allowing for access from any location and any device. The CITOC cloud service provides productivity gains while lowering the total cost of IT systems for all sizes of organizations.


CITOC continues to lead the Houston market with innovative strategies for businesses to increase operating efficiencies, decrease overall costs associated with technology and provide the cornerstone for enhanced communications.

CITOC is more than a Houston IT support company. Businesses in Houston trust CITOC to lead their technology planning and play an increasingly important role in their overall success.

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