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Only 3% of Data Loss Occurs Due to Natural Disaster… 97% Happens Because of Employees!

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You’ve heard data loss horror stories before… but do you know how many ways data loss can occur?

So many businesses still believe they’re not targets for cybercrime. Why spend money on solutions for something that’s not likely to happen?

86% of companies experience data loss!

data loss

Think you’re not at risk? Think again! Here’s just a few ways you can lose data:

  • Dropbox:

Dropbox, an incredibly popular file sharing service, has very limited security features, and because you’re unable to monitor what files are being accessed and synced, you’re completely unaware when files fall into the wrong hands.

  • Mobile devices:

Smartphones and laptops are easily lost or stolen, which leaves any data stored on these devices at risk. An average 1,000 laptops are reported lost in airports every day! If you’re letting your employees access confidential data on mobile devices, make sure the appropriate safeguards are in place.

  • USB drive:

Files copied onto USB drives can be another easy way to transport files outside your office. One of the best ways we’ve seen a hacker get into a network was to put remote access software on a USB drive that had the company logo on it. Then leave a bunch of those USB drives on a table in the reception area. Many employees grabbed them and plugged them into their computers and BAM! They were infected from inside the network and containing that took months.

  • Hackers:

You might think your network is safe, but unless you have comprehensive security solutions in place, as well as proper employee policies and procedures, your network is likely at risk – and guess what? It’s not difficult to hack. Just check out this list of hacking tools that’s readily available!

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