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The Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Outsourced IT Services Company

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We know what it’s like: there’s so many questions to ask in such little time, but here’s the thing – any IT services company worth your time will be happy to answer all of your questions! As there’s a variety of concerns in mind, from viruses to disasters to phishing attacks, it’s fundamental for you to ask questions and know what you’re getting into.

Finding the right outsourced IT services company is as simple as asking 5 questions.

Before hiring an outsourced IT services company, ask these 5 questions to make sure you’re hiring the right one:

  • What Are Your Qualifications?

Make sure you’ve asked about their experience and certifications. Do they have any technical specialties that relate to your business needs? Any qualified IT services company will be ready to discuss their certifications and how they’re able to suit your business needs.

  • What Services Do You Offer?

After all, you’re hiring an outsourced IT services company for their IT services, so make sure they’ve got everything you’re looking for – from cloud services to network security solutions, an IT services company should be happy to tell you about how their services will improve your business operations.

  • What Industries Have You Worked With in The Past?

An IT services company should have experience working with businesses similar to your own, which means they should have experience working with your industry – this is important due to industry-specific challenges, security requirements, and regulations.

  • Do You Have a Guaranteed Response Time?

If you experience any type of network breach or technology malfunction that’s causing major disruption or downtime, you’ll want an IT services company that offers some type of guaranteed response time, or even a quick response time promise, in order to ensure you’re covered.

  • What Won’t Be Covered in Our Support Contract?

When you’re in need of assistance for an IT project, will that be covered under your support contract? What about if you need help installing a new computer? Make sure you’re aware what’s covered – and what isn’t covered – under your support contract.

CITOC is happy to answer all of these questions to make sure you’re comfortable working with our team of IT experts.

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