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The Situation: A Large Plumbing Service Company Was Dealing With Overly Expensive Enterprise Resource Planning Software

This plumbing business was dealing with a poorly designed infrastructure and an extremely expensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software configuration.

CITOC explained, “This is a company that had an infrastructure that was dying on them, they had an accounting ERP system that they were not happy with, and they had costs that were getting to be in the mid-five figures per month to maintain“.  

The Solution:  A Resourceful IT Firm That Helps Them Save Money, and Connected Them With A Reliable ERP Vendor

After the plumbing business brought CITOC on to address their IT problems, the first step was to help them cut their monthly costs. CITOC replaced the outdated hardware in the plumbing business’ infrastructure to help them lower their exorbitant monthly rates.

After their monthly rates were lowered, the plumbing business’ next concern was their ERP software. They wanted to replace it with a more feasible upgrade, but before taking any action, CITOC was sure to advise them carefully.

CITOC warned them: “Be really careful about saying that you want to replace your ERP.”

The plumbing business heeded the advice that company provided, and waited until it was absolutely vital to upgrade their ERP. Thanks to the money that CITOC helped the business save by supporting their infrastructure, they were able to transfer those savings to pay for the expensive and lengthy process of upgrading their ERP system.

Although CITOC is not an ERP vendor themselves, thanks to their partnership with the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), CITOC was able to connect the business with a trusted partner who could address their ERP issue.

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