Cyber Security

Cyber security expert BJ Farmer shares the top technology security challenges facing businesses in Houston and why you MUST PAY ATTENTION. Don't sweep security under the carpet!

Many business IT companies in Houston claim that they protect their clients from the threat of cyber attackers, hackers, ransomware and other dangers facing their businesses.

This is simply not true.

Many of our competitors got this idea from their “marketing team” telling them that cyber security is a hot topic for businesses like yours.

CITOC has focused on security from day one. Just like our name (Change Is The Only Constant), we know that threats posed to businesses by cyber criminals, hackers, crackers and organized crime continue to evolve at an alarming rate.

You can’t afford to not pay attention.

Cybercrime has gotten the attention of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Yes, both presidential candidates addressed the threats of cyber crime during their first debate.

The threats are real, the damage is costly, and worst of all, it all can be prevented!

These threats don't just come from cyber criminals. Your competitors can hack your company databases and records for key intelligence. Your employees can share proprietary trade secrets with their friends and colleagues and yes, some will even sell this information. The reality is that even well-meaning staff members make mistakes and cause data breaches.

The threats are real.

Don't be one of the many that have failed to prevent these threats from destroying their business.

Join CITOC for this MUST-ATTEND cyber security seminar at the Microsoft Store at The Woodlands on Wednesday, October 26th at 8:00 am. to learn the vital truths you need to know about modern cyber security. Breakfast will be provided.