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Skype for Business: The No-Nonsense Option

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Driven by increased competition, many businesses are relying on projects to help meet strategic objectives. By using project teams, businesses can capitalize on the knowledge and perspective diverse teams offer.

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To leverage a team’s true capacity, your organization must have technology in place that supports your goals. Skype for Business is one such technology, allowing you to enhance your team’s abilities and achieve strategic objectives. It’s the no-nonsense business solution that’s user-friendly, robust, flexible, and effective.

Collaborate in Real-Time with Skype for Business

If your organization relies on project teams, there will come a day in which your teams will need to work with individuals who aren’t co-located. In fact, with increased globalization, you will find that some team members or vendors may be in a different country. Without a system for collaborating, coordinating project deliverables may be an impossibility.

Skype enables project teams to deliver each time. The software allows team members to interact with each other in real-time or at the team’s convenience. With the ease of collaboration, many project teams can respond and react to project requirements, allowing the project to remain within scope, within budget, and most importantly, on time.

Save Money by Using Skype for Business

Like any other business, one of your strategic goals is to maximize revenues while minimizing spending. Enterprise collaboration software is a necessary component to move your business to the next level and achieve financial objectives. However, many collaborative technologies require you to pay excessive rates per user, which can become expensive over a short period.

With Skype for Business, you can take advantage of the service for as little as $5.00 per month per user. At that rate, your business can take advantage of meetings with up to 250 people, enhance presentations with Office 365, and ensure confidentiality with the security and control measures embedded in the technology.

If you have a smaller business, then you may be able to take advantage of the free services offered by Skype. With 25 or fewer employees, you can take advantage of instant messaging and video conferencing.

Enhance Communications by Using Rich Media During Virtual Meetings

Skype is a leader when it comes to video conferencing. As one of the first businesses to make this technology available to most people for free, Skype has had years of experience finessing its video conferencing service. By utilizing advanced technologies for video conferencing, Skype has reduced buffering and freezing. Additionally, advanced technologies have enabled Skype to offer video conferencing to many individuals throughout the world on PCs, IOS devices, and mobile devices.

When you use Skype you get the benefit of having access to rich media. With the ability to see who is communicating, Skype has reduced “noise” that can potentially lead to misunderstandings. Additionally, by taking advantage of Skype’s video service, your team can eliminate ambiguities by addressing strategic measures vocally and using visually appealing presentations.

Seamlessly Use Skype with Office 365

Skype is a cloud service, which means you don’t have to be concerned about compatibility issues. However, if you’d like to install the software on your system, you can do so as well. At any rate, Skype can be integrated seamlessly with your existing information systems without causing technological incongruences due to system compatibility issues.

In addition to being compatible with most enterprise systems, Skype works with your existing Office 365 products. You can share Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents with ease.

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