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Houston IT Services Provider Quickly Rescues Client and Shuts Down Spoofed Payment Site

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Spoofed Payment SiteBJ Farmer and the team of IT professionals from Houston’s CITOC recently had a fire dropped in their laps by a client. The client reached out to say they had found a fake website, spoofed to be a duplicate of their own. The most pressing concern? The fake site had been set up to accept payments just like the organization’s original site and the risk of customers mistakenly sending payments to hackers was exceptionally high.

The targeted company handles taxes and have an authorized online system set up to take payments. The hackers got a copy of how the original site was set up and created a nearly identical and fake duplicate site to accept payments through Doxo. Doxo is an online payment hub that is increasingly becoming known for its popularity with cyber criminals in order to set up fraudulent payment channels. Unsuspecting users who think they’re using an organization’s official payment channel are actually sending their funds to cyber criminals through these Doxo proxies. Thankfully, Farmer and the team quickly began damage control, taking the proper measures to report the false site and have it terminated.

“Website spoofing is an increasingly common type of cyber crime,” says CITOC CEO, BJ Farmer. “It’s the act of creating a website very similar to that of a company or organization, in hopes of duping readers and consumers into thinking they’re on an official site. In fact, the attempts can often be very convincing, often presenting the targeted organization’s logo and an almost identical website domain.”

“CITOC would like to use this opportunity to deliver a clear consumer alert for business professionals of all kinds,” continues Farmer. “We’re urging all Houston businesses to get creative and search for potentially spoofed versions of their official websites that may use a similar URL or content style. After all, it’s much better to be the one proactively checking things out, rather than having your site checked out by spoofing cyber criminals.”

BJ Famer is available for an immediate interview about Doxo threats and how Houston businesses owners can avoid disaster by staying one step ahead of cyber spoofs.

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