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Want to save money without losing the IT services that you need to thrive? CITOC has the support that you need. Get intelligent IT solutions and stop wasting money.

Every industry will encounter ups and downs. It's the very nature of the business to both enjoy prosperous seasons as well as deal with the less fortunate times too. When you are pushed to make difficult choices about what the future of your Houston Oil & Gas business will look like, it's important to have reliable and trustworthy partners on hand that can help ease the load.

CITOC is here to help businesses like yours save money with creative IT solutions. We want to ensure that you can maintain as much of your operation as possible with as little change to your overall business so that you can enjoy the next upswing when it comes. Cutting costs while mitigating changes to the industry requires careful attention and frugal insight, but with a reliable partner like CITOC on your side, you can do just that.

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CITOC is an experienced Houston IT support provider that understands the pain points of Oil & Gas industry businesses, and how the right technology can help alleviate those issues. We're proud to offer our help to companies that need assistance in managing changes and adjustments in their business' operation, offering realistic consultation and effective solutions. CITOC can help your business in many ways, including:

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  • Cloud Consulting: As opposed to outdated hardware solutions, the Cloud requires zero upfront costs for new technology, which means you don't have to spend money on ongoing support, power, storage, and cooling. Furthermore, you don't have to pay for software that isn't needed, and you're only paying a flat-rate monthly fee for what you do use, which makes budgeting a breeze.
  • Proactive IT Maintenance: Why pay an IT staff to wait for something to go wrong when you can have an off-site proactive maintenance provider do it at a fraction of the cost? Proactive maintenance ensures that your existing systems remain operational without requiring the full-time salaries that an on-site IT department does, which saves you money without putting your system at risk.
  • IT Planning: CITOC will help you develop long-term IT plans that take into account important factors like your budget, projections, customer and employee needs, technology obsolescence and business goals to guarantee that your IT infrastructure can always support the changes your company undergoes. Furthermore, as your IT department, we don't demand a full-time salary or any of the other expenditures that come with an actual executive employee. By fulfilling this position through a service, you save money and benefit from a single, easy to budget monthly rate.
CITOC will help you lower your monthly rates without cutting the IT services that you need to thrive. All you need to do is ask! Contact us today at (713) 490-5000 or to start saving money.