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Teacher Organization Boosts Efficiencies

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The Situation: An Organization for Teachers Struggled with Internal IT

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When an organization for teachers struggled with an internal IT person who wasn’t able to handle all of their evolving information technology needs, searched for an experienced IT services company to better manage their unique needs.

CITOC noted, “They had somebody who moved from being a teacher to working in the IT side of things. They brought us in because they wanted us to augment his skills.”

The Solution:

An Outsourced CIO That Takes a Business-Focused Approach to Helping Them Leverage Technology to Improve Efficiencies

After working with CITOC for a few weeks, they decided to change the role of their internal IT person. “We have a project management team, procurement team and every aspect they need for a small cost. They get an entire team of people assisting their company.” CITOC expressed.

This is efficient while enabling them to leverage technology for the purpose of improving productivity. CITOC acts as their internal IT department while:

  • Strategic plans that maximize the value of investments
  • Budgeting based on a percentage of revenue
  • ROI studies on purchases they’ve made
  • Keep important data and applications backed up and ready to recover
  • Report to the CFO and CEO with relevant information

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