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The Challenges Facing Today’s Energy Companies and How Technology Can Help

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Technology Energy CompaniesToday’s oil and gas companies face more environmental, governmental, and financial scrutiny than ever before.  They are constantly put “under the microscope” by the public, government regulators, and shareholders to ensure they don’t harm the environment, perform according to regulatory guidelines, and make a profit.

Technology plays a crucial role in ensuring clean energy standards, government regulatory requirements, and production targets are met. As a technology service provider focused on meeting the needs of our oil and gas clients, we understand the importance a finely tuned IT system is to their overall success.  Just like having the right drill bit to cut through each layer of rock, oil and gas companies must have the right IT systems in place.

The following are core areas we focus on when working with energy companies:

Communication Systems – Reliable communications between the field and the head office are essential. Without a solid communication strategy in place, real-time field data can’t be analyzed in a timely fashion.  Lack of reliable communication systems also presents safety issues when workers can’t speak or communication with one another.  We work with our oil and gas clients to ensure proper communication systems are in place and always functioning.

Compliance – Environmental, regulatory, and financial compliance are just some of the concerns facing today’s energy companies.  Technology systems control access to information, financial processes, and communications with regulatory bodies.  Our team of IT experts understands the importance of having IT systems in place so our clients can meet these compliance requirements.

Security – Securing corporate information is critical.  Security is much more than installing security software and firewalls. Today’s energy companies need a complete security plan that includes both physical and electronic security, with ongoing managed IT audits. These threats aren’t just from “spies” sitting in a pickup, spying on a drill rig.  These threats are even more dangerous, and come from all corners of the globe.  Our team understands the constant security pressure these companies face, and we can provide the security assurance they need.

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These are just some of the areas we focus on for our energy clients. We welcome you to call us or email us to book a no obligation review of your complete IT system to ensure you pass all the requirements the next time you’re “put under the microscope.”

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