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Adopting cloud technologies for line-of-business applications means leveraging more flexibility and scalability at a far lower cost.

You’ve known the time was coming to move vital line-of-business applications to the cloud. After all, you’ve likely seen the way other businesses have become more competitive and agile than ever before. Now it’s time: you simply can’t afford to stay behind the rapidly advancing world of information technology.

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Over the past few decades, businesses have leveraged the latest technologies to become more profitable and productive. That’s where cloud technology shines: allowing you to cut costs while achieving flexibility and scalability. The following line-of-business applications can be moved into a private cloud:

  • ERP systems
  • Order processing systems
  • Patient management systems
  • CRM systems
  • And much more

When you move line-of-business applications to the cloud, you’re able to drive change within the organization – enhancing operational efficiency while ensuring the following benefits are realized:

  • Significant cost savings as you’re able to pay for only what you use while eliminating the need to pay for support and/or training when issues arise as cloud providers will handle everything.
  • Enhanced reliability because a remote data center hosting applications is able to provide an infrastructure that’s unsurpassed with redundancy, around-the-clock monitoring, and security features.
  • Greater expertise as a cloud provider offers a wide range of staff, such as network administrators and help desk professionals, to provide assistance whenever necessary.

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