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Enhance Your Houston Business’s Communications with Voice Over IP (VoIP) Business Phones From CITOC

VoIP Houston

As the trend of allowing employees to work remotely grows, businesses are clamoring for technology that can help their workers remain productive while away from the office. One of the unique options available to businesses in the Houston, Texas, area is voice over IP (VoIP) technology from CITOC. VoIP allows you to mobilize your business by providing reliable telephone service through the cloud.

This service:

  • Eliminates long distance charges and fees for advanced calling features, which could significantly cut your monthly phone bill
  • Allows employees to work from home or the road without missing a beat
  • Can be easily scaled to match your company’s needs
  • Offers built-in disaster protection with phones running 24/7 in the cloud, so even if in-office equipment is damaged, you can still call clients and get work done

How it Works

With VoIP, analog phone calls are converted into data packets which can travel over the internet or any private IP network. Landline and cell phone calls can be incorporated, and you can also call computer to computer using speakers or headsets.

VoIP technology also offers a wide range of high-end private telephone network features such as:

  • Conference calling
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Unified voice and fax messaging
  • Automated phone attendants
  • And more

Mobilize your Houston-area business with a cost-effective and flexible VoIP system from CITOC. To learn more about this exciting technology, contact CITOC today at (713) 490-5000 or

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