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Enhanced Your Houston Business’s Communications With Voice Over IP Business Phones From CITOC.

Take the next step in telephony with cost-effective and flexible business-class features that mobilize your business.

No Houston business can do without a telephone service, but is your traditional telephone service worth it? What kind of service do you get? Can you access high-end features to improve your communications, like conference calling, or easy call forwarding? How mobile is your network?

And how much do you pay? Is it worth it? Probably not.

Ditch your old phone company and discover a better way to do telephones.

Cut your phone bill in half and access amazing features to improve productivity and wow your clients. It’s simple with a Houston VoIP Phone Solution from CITOC:

  • Streamlined telephone service via the cloud, eliminating long distances charges and fees for advanced features, potentially cutting your phone bill in half.
  • Easy scaling of the service to match your unique needs, such as number of extensions and scope of extra features.
  • A wide range of high-end PBX features, including:
    • Conference calling
    • Call recording
    • Voicemail transcription
    • Unified voice & fax messaging
    • Automated phone attendants
    • And more
  • Easy mobility with cloud technology, letting you access your phone network in the office, at home, or on the go via your smartphone.
  • One network, one set of phone numbers to remember, and constant uptime.
  • Built-in disaster protection with phones running 24/7 in the cloud, so even if in-office equipment is damaged, you can still call clients and get work done.

Improve Profitability with Technology – Unlock the potential of your Houston business with innovative IT solutions from CITOC.

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