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Some Companies Are Still Asking, What Is Microsoft Office 365?

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Not everyone is “on board” or in the know with the versatile and popular project management solution we know as Microsoft Office 365. Indeed, many companies and individuals have yet to understand exactly what the platform is and does. Referred to as a software suite, or “online office suite,” it acts as an industry-leading solution to workplace data management and dissemination, and can be subscribed to as part of a Software as a Service (SaaS) option for an IT outsourcing company.

One of the best definitions of this suite of programs can be found on Wikipedia:

Office 365 is the brand name Microsoft uses for a group of software and services subscriptions, which together provide productivity software and related services to subscribers. For consumers, the service allows the use of Microsoft Office apps on Windows and Mac OS, provides storage space on Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive, and grants 60 Skype minutes per month. For business users, Office 365 offers plans providing e-mail and social networking services through hosted versions of Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, SharePoint and Office Online, integration with Yammer, as well as access to the Microsoft Office software.”

Another cogent definition of MS Office 365 comes to use courtesy of Techopedia:

Microsoft Office 365 provides a comprehensive set of software tools and services that facilitate office documentation, communication and management tasks. No upfront installation or integration is required, other than an Internet connection and supporting Web browser.

The Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications includes several different online services, including Office Professional Plus, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and a lighter version of Office Suite, presented as Office Web Apps.”

Improved Productivity, Communications, Project Collaboration Opportunities

Office 365 is a true feather in Microsoft’s cap with its highly versatile and collaborative suite of data management programs. You can open-up your organization’s business communications possibilities and can be an accountant, project manager or administrative assistant’s best friend. And, with a Microsoft Office 365 consulting partner like CITOC guiding you through the process, you can’t lose!

These are the reasons so many small and mid-size businesses – along with larger enterprises are adopting this online productivity tool which grants users so many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced security.
  • Increased reliability.
  • Compliance readiness facilitator.
  • Compatibility factor.
  • All subscribers get the advantages of the latest version.
  • Exchange Online – Free of in-house deployment costs.
  • Single sign-on (If your network is running Server 2008 Active Directory).
  • SharePoint Online – With 500 MB of storage per account and virus and malware protection.
  • Outlook-integrated Lync Online for ultimate Web conferencing.
  • Office Web Apps – Supplements full-featured Office applications.

With all those reasons to give Office 365 a try and optimize your technology experience – what’s holding you back?

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