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Why CPA firms in Houston need the services of an outsourced IT support team.

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Atlanta CPA Firm Technology SupportIn today’s constantly changing, technology-driven world, CPA firms are looking to IT Service firms to develop, install and maintain technology solutions to improve their business functions. A properly designed and managed IT system increases your firm’s productivity, security, and value.

Your IT System Requires The Care of a Specialist

Your technology infrastructure is the brain of your business.  Just like you wouldn’t trust your brain to any doctor, you shouldn’t trust your IT system to just anyone.  Your business requires a professionally certified IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) who is reliable, trustworthy, capable, and who provides cost-effective IT solutions. Your Houston IT Services firm is your IT Partner; ensuring your IT infrastructure supports your firm’s short-and long-term goals.

Less Expensive, No Management, No Vacations, No Worries With CITOC Houston IT Services.

Your Houston IT Support team can be an extension of your IT Department, or be your Entire Offsite IT Department.

Hiring an IT services firm in Houston to continually monitor and maintain your IT system is less expensive than hiring even one IT employee. An in-house IT technician will cost you more than $70K a year, and you only get the expertise of one person rather than a full team of professionals from an MSP.

Your team of IT professionals will provide 24/7/365 IT coverage, so unlike an IT employee, illnesses, vacations, family issues and holidays won’t disrupt the management of your system. You also won’t have to spend the time recruiting, hiring, training or managing an IT employee.  Many CPAs and their directors don’t even know what an IT employee does, so how can you ensure they are proactively and effectively handling your firm’s IT needs?  With an offsite MSP you have a contract to back the service they provide, and your costs will be predictable. An tech firm such as CITOC can also store and secure big data, the future of accounting, and information that is so expansive that it can’t be stored in-house.

Your IT Firm can continually monitor and backup your IT systems; with the new hybrid and private clouds you can have a system that is protected and accessible from anywhere 24/7/365 and is totally encrypted and secure. This ensures your staff is always productive, even during a power outage or any disastrous situation, preventing work downtimes.  When you consider this, your outsourced IT support team pays for itself if you’re dealing with IT downtimes or crashes.

A Houston CPA IT Services Firm Can:

  • Help you meet compliance demands for financial regulations.
  • Ensure 24/7/365 access and complete security of you data and IT infrastructure.
  • Provide remote access for service and support with 24/7/365 Help-Desk hours.
  • Monitor your network and prevent IT problems before they occur.
  • Mitigate the risk of your staff leaving with valuable financial data.
  • Provide support and service from professionals who are trained on the latest IT network, software and hardware solutions.
  • Provide cost-effective IT solutions.
  • Reduce your hardware, software, service and support costs.
  • Give you improved quality of service with less IT failures and work downtimes.
  • Provide access to the most current, state-of-the art applications without you investing in expensive equipment and software licenses.
  • Prevent expensive IT surprises.
  • Provide service level agreements with clearly defined goals, offering review periods so you can grade them on their performance.
  • Provide data backup and recovery for different computer devices and servers.
  • Protect your system from computer viruses and cybercrime.
  • Monitor and manage application patches.

What You Should Look For When Selecting An Houston IT Services firm who specializes in CPA firms.

To ensure the IT Services you select is the right fit for your CPA firm, ensure the following:

  • They follow industry standards and best practices.
  • Their technicians are certified in the latest IT solutions and services.
  • They understand the accounting business and understand the regulations and criteria you work under.
  • They have the resources, staff and knowledge to provide effective service in a timely manner.
  • You can contact them 24/7/365.
  • They document work and will share these documents with you so you know what services or equipment have been provided.
  • You trust them.

There are many more reasons why companies like ours have become the answer for CPA firms today. The services they provide are essential for modern-day accounting firms that want to compete in these technology-driven times and competitive marketplace.  Protecting, storing, securing, monitoring maintaining and accessing your data will all be taken care of by capable, skilled professionals, so you can focus on your more important tasks, your business and your clients.

CITOC specializes in working with CPA firms across Houston.

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