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Why Hiring Our Houston IT Services Is Your Law Firm’s Best Bet.

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Using CITOC Is Better and Cheaper Than Hiring a Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The Website Legal IT Professionals provides a wealth of helpful information for law firms looking to embrace technology.  In a recent article entitled “The Horrible Law Firm CIO,” Jeffrey Brandt describes how law firms that hire their own CIO often run into difficulties for a number of reasons. The CIO ends up being ineffective in many respects. We’d like to expand on Mr. Brandt’s article and explain why a law firm, or any other business should use a Managed IT Service Provider instead of hiring a CIO.

The entire issue revolves around the fact that many CIO’s are simply ineffective:

“The Horrible Law Firm CIO:”

  • Is unable to lead and manage their IT team. He or she often takes credit for any ideas that come from the staff. But when something goes wrong, the CIO is quick to point a finger at others and assume no responsibility.
  • Lacks direction and vision, focusing only on the small tasks and problems at hand and not the bigger picture.
  • Considers users as a huge nuisance and a disruption to their day, rather than strategic partners.

The Managed Service Provider:

  • Has one goal:  To ensure that all information technology systems continue to run efficiently and securely.
  • Ensures the client has all the required services to protect data, keep confidential information secured, and ensure IT programs support productivity.
  • Sees that users concerns or questions are always addressed in an expedient manner, that they have what they need to excel at their job, and relies on them for much-needed information about technology failures or successes
  • Assumes responsibility for the functionality of all computer systems and IT programs.

We are not saying that all members of your internal IT team are ineffective.  We know many great IT professionals.  However, for every great one, we also run across others who fail to make the grade.

When deciding whether to hire a CIO or any other IT professional, give us a call first. We’ll tell you how we can deliver the IT services you need and more, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CIO.  Call CITOC, your Houston IT Services team today and book a no obligation review of your current IT requirements,

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