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Windows Server 2016 Combines Innovation and Effortless Practicality for Business

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Local Houston IT Support Provider Urging Houston Business-Owners to Reap Benefits of latest Windows Operating System

With a fresh new year well underway, the team of professionals at CITOC is looking to help Houston business owners stay informed about the latest in tech solutions that can help move business missions along quickly. As a longtime Microsoft partner, CITOC believes there is no better place for businesses to start this year, than with a system upgrade to the latest Microsoft operating system (OS): Windows Server 2016. Whether companies are running enterprise-level data centers or have smaller scale network set-ups, Windows Server 2016 is a perfect fit for every organization.

Released in September, Windows Server 2016 has been providing massive amounts of optimization power to the millions of business owners who have upgraded. Defined by multifaceted innovation, Windows Server 2016 is harnessing the productive, protective and organizational power in a way that seeks to support business goals directly. Windows Server 2016 is looking to optimize computing power for business-owners in three key ways:

  1. Enhanced Security – Designed with tight security in mind, Windows Server 2016 is a powerhouse of protection against cyber crime. Server 2016 has built-in security features that allow for controlled access privileges, thorough protection of both onsite and remote workstations and extra layers of platform security to strengthen lines of defense.
  2. Powerhouse Efficiency & Optimization – Windows Server 2016 is defined by full functionality and innovative versatility. The software-centered platform runs seamlessly with preexisting apps and is designed to optimize the ways in which users can use, store, access, protect and manage data.
  3. Forward Thinking Innovation – Finally, Windows Server 2016 is defined by extrapolated development and universality of use. While the platform does accommodate preexisting downloaded apps, Windows Server 2016 is more commonly referred to as the ‘Cloud Ready OS.’ Server 2016 is specifically designed to allow for seamless migration to the cloud-based apps of the future.

CITOC CEO, BJ Farmer, is a great proponent of Microsoft and believes that Windows Server 2016 is a must-have for any business looking to update and refresh their approach to IT. “Windows Server 2016 packs a huge number of really great features into one, cost effect operating system.” Farmer claims. “Between the ease of use, the added security mechanisms, and the thoughtful, forward-thinking design, Windows Server 2016 is the best OS to come out of the Microsoft camp yet. We can’t wait to help more CITOC clients and other Houston business owners make the switch.”

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about Windows Server 2016, it’s designed benefits, and how to implement it effectively, please don’t hesitate to reach out to BJ Farmer to get all the details.

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