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A Leading IT Solutions Company Providing Premier Managed IT Services, Network Security Solutions & IT Support for Businesses In & Around Houston, TX CITOC is the managed IT services provider to choose for your Houston, Texas, area business if you’re looking for world-c..

Do you take work with you on vacation?

Taking business on vacation is bad news all around. Here’s how to keep your phone, but leave work behind.   Vacation time leaves today’s professional with a tough problem—They want to get away from work, but they typically end up bringing it with them thanks to their work..

Microsoft Paint “Saved”

When news broke that Microsoft was planning to discontinue MS Paint in the wake of newer and more modern offerings like Paint 3D, the Internet did not take it well. The reaction to what many assumed was Microsoft’s plans to kill the beloved 32-year-old program was one of sadnes..

Relying on Digital Partners Helps SMBs Drive Transformation.

Driving transformational change in your business can be difficult. However, the right technology partner can help by bridging the knowledge and implementation gap.  Disruption is the name of the game today.  Employers find it more difficult than ever to hire knowledgeable IT w..

Fruitfly Malware Targets Apple Computers.

The recently discovered Fruitfly can have serious implications for your business. You must take a proactive approach to cybersecurity to keep your data secure. Whenever a new hacking technique or virus appears, you must pay attention. This is the case with a new variation of the ..

Office 365 Business Offers Something for Every Type of Business.  

Are you wondering if your business can benefit from using Office 365 Business? Stop wondering. It will. I work with a wide range of clients who run various types of businesses. Whether a client is a solopreneur who’s just starting out, or someone who’s been at the helm of a ..

Tech Tuesday: Good-bye to Microsoft Paint?  

  Did you grow up loving MS Paint? Microsoft is replacing it on future Window operating systems, but don’t worry, it’s still being supported.   1985 was a great year. It gave us such classics as the time-defying DeLorean in Back to the Future, the chart-topping song Ev..

6 Reasons More Businesses Are Relying on IT Consulting Services

IT consultations aren’t just for the “big guys.” Startups and small businesses can benefit, as well. IT consultations can go far beyond simply providing technology information. The right consultant can help you lay out a roadmap for future upgrades, increase your employees..

The Risks of Outdated Technology: Why Legacy Systems Cost You More Than You Realize  

For most businesses, technology is something of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it helps you run your business and remain competitive. On the other hand, updating hardware and software requires ongoing investments in time and money. Technology is evolving rapidly. Somethi..

Tech Sells: Ways the Retail Industry Has Already Changed Forever

Technology is changing the way people shop. Here are the big trends that are here to stay. Retail and technology have a complicated relationship. Technology has an unending list of ideas for retail stores to adopt, but the retail industry is very cautious about investing in anyt..